10 most famous sci-fi weapons of all times


Whether you are the sci-fi fan who buys an electric stun gun to wave it around like a Jedi or the fan who pays $10,000 for the real plasma gun off your favorite show or movie, you need to see the 10 most famous sci-fi weapons of all time.

Nowadays, millions of science-fiction fans enjoy in numerous novelties this genre brings. The main advantage of sci-fi genre is that it gives rein to one’s imagination and for that reason, many are fond of it.

Now let’s take a look at 10 most amazing weapons that this genre has represented to us:

10. The ARC Gun


As many recall it, the weapon was born in film District 9. The design of The ARC Gun is highly advanced, and its targets are sentenced to the instantaneous explosion.

9. BFG 9000

The game many of us remember from our childhood was Doom. The BFG 9000 gun represented a step forward in comparison to other games of that time. Its function was firing green plasma balls at the opponents.

8. Plasma Grenade


One of the most creative ones on this list is probably Plasma Grenade which explodes into a blue plasma cloud and remains stuck to whoever was unfortunate enough to get hit by it.

7. Yamato Cannon

Placed on the ship’s top, it consumes the engine’s power to transform it into a powerful blast for destruction.

6. Deckard’s Blaster

The movie that certainly left its mark in the industry is Blade Runner. In this film we can see a marvelous pistol, used by Rick Deckard, that really captivates everyone’s attention. What is fascinating by it is its look which is a mixture of normal gun features with sci-fi additions.


5. The Needler

The very name of this weapon tells us something about its look and how it works. When the target is located, the weapon fires fragments made of crystal. The damage caused by this weapon increases by the number of needles the victim received.

4. Phaser

The most famous weapon of all times is probably the Phaser. Apart from having the ability to kill the enemy, it can also stun and provide heat when needed, which makes it useful for some other purposes as well.


3. Lightsaber

The well-known symbol of Star Wars would definitely be this beaming weapon. This is probably the most famous sword in the world.

2. The Noisy Cricket

Men in Black is a movie which lured people of all ages into watching it. One of the most memorable weapons used in the film was the noisy cricket given to Will Smith. The cricket is actually a tiny but very powerful pistol.

1. The Death Star

And we have Star Wars again, for the end. Death Star, as many of you probably know it, is a battle station which can wipe out a planet in only a few seconds. Huge and powerful, what do you need more.