These Are The Funniest Comments on Instagram Ever

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Instagram accounts are very common nowadays and you have a lot of handles to visit. They can be of television actors or actresses, or they can even be of your favorite celebrity.

Well, it is also seen that sometimes you get to see a lot of funny content on Instagram. They are funny photos, or they are hilarious Instagram stories, or sometimes it’s about to comment. We asked Mike of friendlylikes to collect and present you some of those.

Some Funny comments on Instagram

  • When Kourtney and her friend Simon posted on Instagram, and Kylie and Khloe made fun of it as they couldn’t take it.
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Their comments were,

kyliejenner: Omg you are so cute

khloekardarshian: Is this a hot body contest or something?

Kourtney was in a bikini and his friend Simon was also in shorts. And their elastic, hot bodies were perfectly visible, and that’s when the two friends decided to make some fun of it.

  • Taylor Swift once posted a photo of her in which she was with a Kangaroo. And her caption was
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Me: Please love me.

Kangaroo: No.

She found the Kangaroo cute and wanted to post an adorable picture. And after these dialogues, someone commented that,

“Now you’re gonna write a song about it.”

Lol. Well yeah, that was funny. The Instagram handle owner made fun of her self-made, imaginary conversation, and well, when she decided to put a caption like that, it was kinda obvious that there would be something hilarious out of it.

  • Kylie Jenner had once posted in a white dress and she was looking pretty. But, pretty wasn’t the only word.
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Someone commented, “you like a pad”

Again lol, but that happened because the dress which she was wearing, formed a shape which looked like a pad, with the fitting and all kicking in.

She was looking pretty, but someone from the audience also saw it as a pad.

Have a keen eye on stuff!

  • Kim Kardashian has certainly been on this list, quite a lot of times. And well, once she had posted a sketch, in which she was standing, what was understood as Ray J., the American singer, and she had written the caption, “Love this Sketch too!”

Love this sketch too!

609.2k Likes, 3,788 Comments – Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Instagram: “Love this sketch too!”

And that’s when someone commented the bitter truth and a hilarious fact, “That looks more like ray j.”

Well, both of them have been in the media for a quite certain period of time, and that’s why a user got excited and started exploring the funny side of that sketch.

Lol. All of them were funny.

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