10 Games Everyone Should Play


When video games were introduced for the first time, about 40 years ago, they were as simple as Pong or Space Invaders, but ever since then, they have changed drastically, and today we have titles like GTA, Need for Speed, etc. Here is the list of 10 games everyone should play at least once.

1. Galaxian (1979)

Galaxian is one of those classic games that we all played as kids, and that provided great entertainment. Its bright colors and dive-bombing alien insects draw everyone’s attention, and you couldn’t remain calm when your “spaceship” gets destroyed.

2. Manic Miner (1983)


Manic Miner is one of the first platform games that came with 20 fun and challenging levels. Your goal was to collect treasure and at the same time don’t run into one of the monsters. The downside of this game was that you were not able to save your progress and reaching the last level was quite a feat.

3. Thrust (1986)


Thrust is another game that stands out in the crowd, and although it looks simple, it achieved a legendary status. You pilot a tiny spaceship, and the goal is to retrieve a pod from underground caverns and passages and fly it into space. Turrets, gravity, and inertia are the aspects that make this game difficult and because of it, learning to control the ship requires patience and time, but as you learn how to fly, the game becomes easier.

4. Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)


Super Mario Bros. 3 is a perfect game for NES, and it constantly continues to surprise you with its tricks and secrets. You can find hidden items and when you learn to fly you will become addicted to this game. What else can we say about Super Mario Bros. 3? If you haven’t played this game, please do so as soon as possible.

5. Quake (1996)


This was the time when people started getting their first PCs and what better game for your PC than Quake. In this game, you can carry out ludicrous jumps, while the speed of it is simply incredible. The Quake deathmatch will keep you busy, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing this game until early in the morning.

6. F-Zero X (1998)


F-Zero X was a great game produced at the end of the last millennium. It is a racing game, and its sense of high speed is amazing, while the racing ships can go over 600 mph. The winding track is hard to follow, and it is just a matter of time when you will stumble off the track. There are 30 racers, and it is a challenge to finish first.

7. Metropolis Street Racer (2000)


Bizarre Creations developed Metropolis Street Racer that was an extremely ambitious game when it was launched in 2000. You can race on the streets of London, Tokyo and San Francisco and cars from real life are available in this one. The player is rewarded after cool moves and drifts, and you can race during the day or nights.

8. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (2005)


Although some outstanding games with marvelous graphics were launched in 2005, we wanted to mention an old-school arcade shooter called Geometry Wars. Its popularity went through the roof, and it was remade as a standalone title for Xbox 360. The gameplay is simple: you fly your little vector ship around and kill the enemies, each of them has their own behavior patterns and movement. More enemies appear as you progress and it becomes difficult late in the game, so you have to shoot literally everywhere.

9. Portal (2007)


Portal is a game developed by Valve, the same company that produced Half-Life. In Portal, you have a gun that creates portals you can travel through. Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw worked on this title and thanks to them this game comes with one of the best narratives in gaming history. If you like Half-Life, you will find this game interesting as well.

10. Dark Souls (2011)


Once you start playing Dark Souls, you will become addicted to this game before you know it. It is so challenging and tough to go from one level to another in this one that it will take you some time to make little progress. This difficulty is exactly what makes it excellent. You need to think when you play Dark Souls and if you relax for one second, it will find a way to defeat you.