10 Reasons you should choose CNA career in 2019

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Deciding your choice of career can be one of the most significant decisions that you can ever make, so you should give it careful consideration to avoid making a serious mistake. If you have already made the decision to work in the medical field, choosing a career in nursing can be both rewarding and fulfilling. You want to start by getting all the info you can get about how to become a nurse, but entering the profession as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) will provide you with multiple career alternatives that you can explore when you want to advance your skills and qualifications. There are plenty of more reasons why you should become a CNA that include:

1. Increased demand

Well trained CNAs are always in high demand and with new facilities opening each day, a career as a CNA can be a great choice as you never have to worry about low job opportunities.

2. Flexibility

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Not many careers offer the same level of flexibility as CNA can. As a CNA, you can opt to work in nursing homes, rehab centers, hospitals, long-term, and hospice facilities, palliative care centers, and so on.

3. Opportunities for specialization

Starting out as a CNA can be a great chance for you to specialize in your interested field of choice later on. As your career progresses, you can opt to become a registered nurse or alternatively work in specialized fields such as pediatrics or surgery.

4. Training is affordable

Training as a CNA is one of the most affordable ways to get your foot in the door of healthcare. Because successful graduates are issued a certificate rather than a degree, it also means that you will complete your course in a faster timeframe, which will allow you to further your skills early on if you choose to. Prepare for CNA Competency Exam at Training Direct and you will well be on your way to a successful CNA career. You can find more job opportunities as a CNA on PRN Health Services.

5. Work stability

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As mentioned earlier, not only will you have plenty of options to specialize later on in your career, but because the demand for qualified medical experts will always be there, you can be assured of work stability as the industry will continue to grow as more advancements are discovered.

6. Rewarding

A career as a CNA is one of the most rewarding because you will get the satisfaction and the joy of helping the people around you, as well as get a chance to better your community as a large. Although the job can be extremely demanding, you will always feel like you are making a valuable contribution at the end of every day.

It is important to highlight that the medical field offers a wide range of opportunities. One such option is becoming a Cath Lab Technician. Just like CNAs, Cath Lab Technicians play a vital role in the healthcare industry, specifically in the field of cardiology.

Similar to CNAs, Cath Lab Technicians experience a high demand for their specialized skills. The need for cardiac catheterization procedures and interventions continues to grow as cardiovascular diseases remain a significant health concern. This demand ensures job stability and a promising career path for individuals interested in this field.

Flexibility is another aspect that both CNAs and Cath Lab Technicians can enjoy. While CNAs can choose to work in various healthcare settings, such as nursing homes, hospitals, or rehab centers, Cath Lab Technicians primarily work in cardiac catheterization laboratories. However, within this specialization, they have the opportunity to further specialize in areas like electrophysiology or interventional radiology, broadening their career options.

Both professions offer rewarding experiences. While CNAs find satisfaction in helping and contributing to their communities, Cath Lab Technicians directly contribute to diagnosing and treating heart conditions, potentially saving lives. Both roles require dedication and a commitment to providing high-quality care to patients.

In summary, just as becoming a CNA can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice, so too can pursuing a career as a Cath Lab Technician. Both paths offer stability, opportunities for specialization, and the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of others within the healthcare industry.