10 sentences that make Melania more likeable person than Trump


Even though her husband is loud, intrusive and talkative, beautiful Slovenian is his complete opposite. Maybe that is precisely the reason why she won over the hearts of Americans.

The White House issued the first official portrait of Melania Trump and along with it named her life achievements. The portrait was published shortly after the survey found that the first lady was more popular than her husband and US President – Donald Trump.

Melania had 52 percent of support, while the President of the United States received only 45 percent. This has led to speculation that the beautiful Slovenian could compete with her predecessor Michelle Obama and interestingly she had the same pose for her portrait just as Michelle.


Much of her popularity stems from the fact that many people think that she doesn’t want to be married to Donald Trump because he doesn’t treat her wife as a lady.

However, for the time being, it remains within the domain of assumptions and Melania had a few shining moments which have allowed her to surpass her husband in popularity.


These are the 10 lines that fascinated Americans:

– I continue to firmly believe that education is the most powerful way to promote and ensure women’s rights.

– I’m not a “yes” person. No matter who you are married to, you still need to have your own life.

– As I myself am an immigrant, I grew up in a communist society, I know too well what is the value and importance of freedom and equal opportunities.

– We do not argue. We don’t always see eye to eye, but that’s ok. That is very positive for one relationship. I tell him the way I see some things, and he accepts it, I tell him what I think, and he does the same thing. His opinion is only his.

– People say to me ‘oh, Melania, poor Melania.” People do not know me. I am very strong. I can cope with everything. Do not feel sorry for me.

– We have to find a better way to talk about things, to disagree and to respect each other.

– You know, in order to marry a man such as Trump, you have to know who you are. You have to know who you are and you have to be very strong and very smart.

– I’m not the type of woman who would say “learn this and learn that.” I’m not the type of woman that is nagging.

– I chose not to get involved in politics. Politics is my husband’s work.

– It is never ok when a 12-year old girl or a boy is being ridiculed, bullied or attacked it is totally unacceptable when a person does it without a name on the Internet.