13 Farewell Tweets of deceased celebrities


Times change and they change quickly. In the modern era, you need to follow trends. Being just a celebrity is not enough these days, so you need to expand and express your persona. A good way and one of the most acknowledged ways to do so is certainly Twitter. Thanks to this social network some famous people are even more influential than they merit.

Compared to the celebrities of the past their popularity is ever-expanding thanks to Twitter and other Internet platforms. They even continue to spread their influence after they pass away. Some celebrities Social network accounts continue to live on after their demise. They are being led by a team that is assigned to take care after one’s death or just stay lingering on the Internet with the last pre-death thought, photo or something third there to remind us of that celebrity. Below you will see a list of thirteen celebrity tweets that were posted right before they left the world of the living.

1. Paul Walker

Former ‘The Fast and Furious’ star used his Twitter account to promote his upcoming movie from the same franchise.

2. Joan Rivers

The icon of comedy that she certainly was used her on-line influence and ended her Twitter presence with, as was expected, a joke.


3. Whitney Houston

The singer ended her Twitter career with a response to a fan. Her last tweet was a confirmation of the legitimacy of hers Twitter account.

4. Billy Mays

Interestingly Billy Mays twitted about his near death experience just to die the next day. It makes you want to be more careful with your tweets in the future.

5. Amy Winehouse

This controversial singer last tweet was.. well hard to explain really. See it by yourself; it makes really little sense.


6. Robin Williams

Legendary actor and extraordinary comedian were a truly wonderful guy. His last tweet was a great living testimony to this. His movies were touching and inspiring, and so was the birthday wish for his daughter which he posted on Twitter before his early and unexpected death.

7. Cory Monteith

Another which is hard to explain but he posted it anyway. The question was asked and remained unanswered, at least the former Glee star didn’t hear the answer.

8. Harris Wittels

Being a comedian as he was you could expect for his last tweet to be a joke. It wasn’t. What he posted was a confirmation of his real email address. Not sure what to think about it.


9. Michael Clarke Duncan

The actor known for his roles in The Green Mile and Talladega Nights dedicated his last tweet to the UFC fight. Silva Win was his last tweet, but he just like us certainly didn’t expect it to be the last one.

10. Robin Gibb

The Bee Gees band member used his Twitter account to promote new album Titanic Requiem. He died one month after the album was released.

11. Ryan Dunn

Former Jackass star died in a car accident in 2011. The show was never again the same without him. Take a look at his last tweet below.

12. Scott Weiland

The Velvet Revolver frontman died from ‘addiction problems,’ let’s call it that way, but used his last tweet to remind his and band’s crowd about their 1993 Reading Festival performance.

13. Roger Ebert


Legendary movie critic used Twitter to promote his work until the very last moment.