20 Cool Home Gadgets Everyone Should Have

source: homedesg.co

So, you have some extra cash and you’re ready to spend it on the latest tech innovations? Don’t make rushed decisions. Do you really need a robot mouse for your cat to chase? Or a Lamborghini massage chair (yes, it does exist!)? 

There’s only a handful of gadgets that you really need and, if you know where to look, you can get affordable prices on wireless headphones, portable smartphone chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

With some help from Gadgetlounge.net, we did some research to give you a full list of the ultimate gadgets that no one should go without. So, if you’re someone who is interested in only the best and you don’t care about the rest, here is your new shopping list.

1. Projector

source: benq.com

Sure, TVs are good, but they can also be every designer’s worst nightmare. When you decide to upgrade the setup you currently have in your home, you need to consider the size of the TV, where people will sit to watch, decide on the type of display, etc. But have you considered replacing your TV with a projector? Here are just a few reasons why you should do it: 

– Setting up a projector is fairly easy and it doesn’t require a special wall or floor space because you can place it on a shelf or even on the ceiling.

– A projector provides you with a bigger screen and a special home movie theater feel!

2. Home Security Camera

source: touchit.sk

Who wouldn’t want to keep an eye on their home while they’re at work or traveling? This is especially true for those that have small children or naughty pets. Choose an internet-connected home security camera that works with an app on your phone. It will be your eyes and ears whenever you’re away. 

3. Good-Quality Digital Camera

source: digitalcameraworld.com

Speaking of cameras, you might think that digital ones are a bit outdated now that everyone owns a smartphone with a camera. Well, you’re wrong. Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in a decent standalone digital camera: 

– Digital cameras offer optical zoom, whereas phone cameras have digital zoom.

– Phone cameras produce average wide-angle shots, whereas digital cameras have a greater wide-angle capability.

– A smartphone flash doesn’t perform as well as the one on a digital camera.

– Using your phone to take pics will drain the battery fast, leaving you phone-less and camera-less.

– A standalone digital camera can hold thousands of images on cheap memory cards that don’t compete for space with music and apps.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

source: scoopnest.com

Smartphones can produce pretty great sound, but they still can’t match the audio quality from a Bluetooth speaker. Alternatively, you can go with Amazon Echo, which works as a voice-activated assistant and a music speaker.

5. Amazon Echo

source: pocket-lint.com

What seemed like science fiction just a decade ago is now a reality: today, everyone can own a voice-activated, Star Trek-like computer in their living room! Amazon Echo can give answers to simple questions, inform you about the weather and sports results, and even call a Lyft or Uber for you! If you’re looking for something smaller (and cheaper), consider the Echo Dot.

6. Selfie Stick

source: yourbestdigs.com

They might look funny, but nothing can make a great group photo like a selfie stick (except maybe a drone). 

7. VR Viewer

source: digitaltrends.com

Have you noticed that 360 and virtual reality content is popping up more and more often? However, expensive VR viewers are still reserved exclusively for passionate gamers. Consider investing in more affordable alternatives powered by smartphones like the Google Daydream View.

8. Fitness Tracker

source: wareable.com

Are you passionate about fitness and want to track how many calories you burn or how many steps you take each day? More advanced fitness trackers offer GPS maps, measure your heart rate, monitor your sleep to let you know if you’re getting enough rest, and are waterproof. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend. 

9. Streaming Stick

source: theverge.com

This little gadget allows you to beam video content from your computer or smartphone directly to your TV. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an affordable option that comes with a handy remote, whereas Apple’s AirPlay is a more expensive alternative.

10. Portable Smartphone Charger

source: blog.bestbuy.ca

Stop dreading whether your phone will make it through the night when you’re heading out. Just buy a portable charger, like the Mophie Powerstation Mini, and you’ll never have to get near a wall plug again. 

11. Smartphone Stand

source: thegadgetflow.com

If you’re spending a lot of time on your computer, consider investing in a little stand that will keep it charged throughout the day. 

12. Cigarette Lighter Adapter

source: fishpond.com

Cigarette lighter adapters are very handy tools for people who are frequently on the road. Some models also function as FM transmitters and Bluetooth receivers, which means that you can use your smartphone to play your favorite tunes even in older cars without aux-in cables or USB. 

13. E-reader

source: thewirecutter.com

Aren’t e-readers simply magical? They not only have the ability to store hundreds of books, but they also have a special display (e-ink) which is very similar to reading from a dog-eared paperback.

14.  Small Power Strip

source: skeptools.wordpress.com

If you often work from airport terminals or cafés, then you know that the chances of finding an open power outlet are practically zero. Spare yourself the trouble and get a small power strip that turns one open outlet into many. 

15. A Lost-Stuff Finder

source: pcworld.com

How many times a day are you losing stuff? A Bluetooth finder like Tile Mate will enable you to track the location of any lost item with a map. 

16. Decent Wireless Headphones

source: techradar.com

Finally, high-quality wireless headphones are getting more affordable. Besides delivering good-quality sound, they’re also super-comfortable to wear, which makes them a great workout companion. 

17. Inexpensive Earbuds

source: wired.com

It doesn’t matter if you already have wireless headphones, you should still have a pair of good-quality but inexpensive earbuds to carry them around in your bag. 

18. Great Mouse

When the time comes to upgrade your equipment, consider getting a new mouse that fits your hand and allows you to stash the Bluetooth receiver in the battery compartment for easy transport when working remotely, like the Magic Mouse 2.

19. Flash Drive

soruce: promotionaldrives.com

Even though cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox offer more than enough storage space, flash drives are perfect for hauling large files from one computer to another. Today’s flash drives are smaller and more affordable than ever, so you can attach them to your keyring and take them everywhere with you.

20. Backup Drive

soruce: askleo.com

Remember, every hard drive will eventually fail. This includes your hard drive which holds all your valuable videos, photos, and files. Why get stressed? Invest in a backup drive with more storage space than your computer to make sure you can do a full backup.