2016 Draft – Golden Moment For Dallas Cowboys

Source: bloggingtheboys.com

NFL draft picks have an extreme value. It is a lot different from the other sports as guys that come in can contribute to a team in a major way. There are rookies that hit the field and show out in their first season, becoming stars right away. They are also way cheaper as you can’t pay everybody a lot of money to play football when you need to pay 53 guys on the roster. NFL and NBA are the two major sports that have a cap space, so they are operating with a limited amount of money.

That is why the 2016 NFL Draft was so good for the Dallas Cowboys. They drafted two guys that are going to play at an extremely high level, with one even leading all the players in their main stat category in his rookie year. You want to run the ball behind your great offensive line, and then you draft a young player to do it, and you are not paying him that much at all.

Source: dallascowboys.com

On the other hand, you now have a starting quarterback that is earning almost nothing compared to the production that he is giving you. Money/value is great when it comes to Dak Prescott. But, that is not all.

You got two young players that are going to be able to carry your team for years to come. You just can’t put a price on that. They have opened the Dallas Cowboys window of championship opportunity probably earlier than the owner and coaches expected. It is up to the management now to put these guys in the best possible position to succeed. So far, they have done that, but they need to continue building in the coming years in order for the Dallas Cowboys to lift their sixth Super Bowl in their franchise history.