2017 Forc C-Max hybrid gets slightly updated


Ford C-Max fans, not that there are many of you out there, we have some news for you! Ford has released its updated C-Max for 2017, and it has been caught in the open without any camo on.

This is, we believe, the first car that had nothing on to keep the featured updates for the next model year visible, but yet so hard to notice. Ford used a very cunning way to hide the new updates of the C-Max. Apparently, no camo on and leaving it to prance around in plain sight is the best way. Not that the C-Max has a very large fan or user group or any amount of people who care what happens to it, but never the less they should have tried little more.


The very small group of you that actually love this car will notice from these spy photos that the 2017 C-Max has a new headlight assembly with integrated LED daytime running lights, different fog light housings, and different tail lights. Since these changes are pretty much imperceptible and the latest sales numbers of the C-Max so low, then it is totally understandable why Ford didn’t even bother to hide it.

The outside changes (maybe it is better to call it refreshment) is pretty much everything for this model year. The engine will most likely remain the same, meaning no changes will impact the petrol or the electric pieces of the drivetrain. The setup that is in the current model will be found on the new one as well, and that is the 2.0-liter straight four and a single electric motor with a total system power of 188 HP which can carry it to a top speed of 115 MPH. With these specs, Ford promises around 40 MPG combined (42 mpg city and 37 mpg highway) which will not win any prizes for C-Max in hybrid charts when compared with his peers, but it is still a decent fuel consumer. Ford also has an option in its fleet for you if you want to go longer distances on electric power and that is its Energi plug-in hybrid.

What we saw here might be called the test mule for the production model, but we are most definitely sure that you will see everything the same on the production cars after they roll out of the plant in the next few months.