2017 Ford Atlas Renderings Surfaced

2017 Ford Atlas Renderings image source: carsoid.com

The main goal of the concepts is to introduce future models, and Ford Atlas did exactly that for F-150 truck. The final product is the great looking pickup, but we tend to agree with the army of Atlas fans that Ford could have done far better with the introduction of the vehicle much closer in terms of design and looks to Atlas Concept.

While some concepts are pretty crazy, the one that was showed by Ford was close to production ready and currently available truck. Soon after the introduction of flagship pickup in US carmaker lineup we could hear rumors that we might see special edition using nameplate of concept and 2017 Ford Atlas could be everything we ever wanted. It was also speculated that it would be closely related and almost identical in design with what concept offered.

Everything ended with rumors, and recently Blue Oval announced the introduction of F-150 Raptor version with more than a few upgrades over the base truck. This is the place where Atlas could have been offered, but now Raptor has taken its spot. Renderings that are provided in this post are sourced from carsoid.com, and we could read the speculations about the possible introduction of the new model in the F-150 lineup.

Could This Push Ford To Launch A Special Version Of This Highly Popular Concept?

While they clearly state these only as a speculation, it is enough for us to think about the possibility of introduction and we can agree that it would be awesome to get something like this. Everything is far-fetched, and renderings are fan made but just think about that. Even we like the original F-150 we would love to have Atlas as an option.

2017 Ford Atlas Renderings image source: carsoid.com

What do you think will Ford decide to make one of these? If they do, will they position it under or above Raptor? The 500 hp monster is what we would like to see. Price for that one would be about $60k, is that too much to give for modified F-150?