2017 Ford Escape Boasted with Tech but with No Diesel Engine

Every car company is trying to make a statement with its new model. 2017 Ford Escape is not a new vehicle in Ford’s lineup, but it has come with more than a few upgrades. In order to distinguish it from the previous installment and to stay in front of the competition, Ford didn’t make a lot of compromises.

New Escape will be the first model to introduce Ford’s Sync Connect technology. It allows Escape owners to remotely, through their smartphone app, start the car or lock/unlock it. This app can be used to check fuel tank level or to schedule in advance the moment when the car will be started. Also, the car would automatically report to its owner through this app when it is the time for maintenance.

Connect feature comes with Ford’s Sync 3 system which is improved and now offers better voice recognition, a graphic interface which is more intuitive and much faster and with upgraded performances.
The start-stop system comes as standard equipment and Ford claims that improves the fuel economy by four to six percent in this case.

List of technology features that are first time offered on 2017 Ford Escape doesn’t stop there but goes as follow: Forward-collision warning, adaptive cruise control, brake per-conditioning, lane-assist, active lane aid and parking assist.

Source: autoblog.com
Source: autoblog.com

2017 Ford Escape Powertrain

Starting with powertrain 2017 Ford Escape offers some novelty too. Turbocharged 1.5-liter EcoBoost unit is new to Escape and together with revised 2.0-liter EcoBoost creates its engine lineup. 1.5-lieter comes as standard in SE and Titanium trims, and although nothing is yet official, it can produce 180 hp and 185 lb-ft of torque. Upgraded 2.0-liter can now push out 245 hp followed with 275 lb-ft of torque. Ford claims that this powerplant is now more refined and with improved efficiency.
The base S trim comes with naturally aspirated 2.5-liter four-cylinder which was available on the previous version of Escape and again comes completely unchanged.

Source: autoblog.com
Source: autoblog.com

What is notable is that Escape offers no diesel engine. Its European counterpart Ford Kuga offers more than one diesel option. Same can be said for its competitors. Ford Escape comes in a segment where the dominant manufacturer, and bestselling at that, is Mazda. Its model CX-5 doesn’t come with a diesel engine, but for the future, Mazda has serious plans to bring diesel crossover on U.S. market. Its program called SkyActive 2 is taking into account that mid-size crossovers should come with diesel engines. That includes its own CX-5 model.

Same goes for Hyundai that also offers its Tucson model with more than one diesel engine. Chevrolet has just recently introduced Equinox crossover, and it features diesel powertrain as standard. One of the best-selling Honda’s models the CR-V will also come with a diesel engine for 2018 MY.

Should Ford address this question with Escape?