2017 Honda Civic Type R Similar To Subaru WRX


Honda shows super-aggressive 2018 Honda Civic Type R Prototype at Paris motor show

According to USAToday, a new car will be available in showrooms in the USA during the next year. That car is the newest Honda Civic model that comes with the special badge, Type R. Recently, the Honda Civic Type R has been presented at the Paris Motor Show as a hot version of the famous Civic, a fuel-efficient car. This badge in Honda pretty much has the same meaning as SS in Chevrolet or Hemi in Dodge.

This car, Honda Civic Type R, has never been available in the USA so far and it has been one of the most desired vehicles. So far, Americans who wanted it needed to purchase and import parts to tune up their US versions in order to look like performance oriented version. Now, it will be officially sold in showrooms all across the United States.



2018 Honda Civic Type R engine & Specs

There will be a turbocharged engine under the hood of the new Honda Civic Type R, according to Auto World News. Other specifications are not familiar yet, but no matter what they turn out to be, the car will have its buyers. They simply want to have more powerful and more aggressive Civic and to be sincere, it really doesn’t look like a regular Civic that much.

If looked from the outside, the Type R reminds us slightly of a Subaru WRX. It is muscular and has a full aerodynamic look. The front spoiler is made of a lightweight carbon fiber, it has some fancy side skirts, and the wheels are 20” big.


If we are to trust Top Speed, then the engine under the hood will be a 2.0-liter VTEC with a turbocharger that will be able to deliver about 350 HP. Something like this is possible, and if this turns out to be true, it will be a new bar for the competition in this segment.

What about price of new Type R?

As for the prices, there are no rumors yet. But, whoever wants it should expect a high price compared to the basic version. It is a Honda Civic Type R, it won’t be cheap, that’s for sure. If we know that it was just a concept car a few years ago and that it was so desperately wanted by the consumers, then for sure it will find a market for itself.


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