2017 Honda Civic X Hatchback starts production in UK


The factory in Swindon UK has released a 15 min footage of robots working on the production of the new 2017 Honda Civic X Hatchback which started much sooner than we really expected.

Honda is giving its best, and it seems that they have kicked the production of 2017 Civic X Hatchback into the high gear well before its debut on the Paris Motor Show. The footage of the assembly shows that the robots in the plant are working from the ground up welding the pieces of the chassis, painting, and some small parts assembly, to ensure the optimum time of production and less man made mistakes. The extended footage of the work inside the plant reveals a few details that you usually miss in this kind of videos. It shows how the chassis is assembled and from what pieces, what materials are in use and how they look and feel before the car is complete. Furthermore, we can a slightly more detailed assembly by human hands of the front and rear suspension, which is rarely shown. With this, you can see that the Honda means business and that they are confident in what they make.

As you may or may not know, the Honda didn’t have much success with the hatchback in EU. Now they are trying to change that by using the same platform from the US market with the same engine as well – the 1.5-liter turbo four pot. Even the transmission choices are the same – 6-speed manual is standard, and the CVT comes as an option. This Civic X Hatchback is much bigger, though, and thanks to an increase in size it almost has Octavia’s 478 L trunk capacity and a far more legroom for passengers.

Honda will try to draw some of the competitions clientele by adding more stuff to this model. Japanese car maker will most likely offer 1.0 L turbocharged engine that is supposed to make a lot of problems to Ford and its model Focus. There is a revised 1.6 L diesel engine in the preparations as well to b e dropped in this vehicle. When we take a look at its specs and the fact that most cars in Europe are diesel-powered it might make a lot of commotion. But what you probably want to hear even more is that the Hatchback will make its way back to the US next year in the form of Type R that is supposed to give other hot hatch manufacturers a lot of headaches.