2017 Honda CR-V – Special Edition Introduced


Before Honda displays fifth-generation model at the end of the current year, or at the beginning of 2017, they launched a special edition of the famous compact SUV.

There are some minor changes to this version. It will contain 2.0-liter petrol engine that produces 155 hp. The car will still be an AWD with five-speed automatic.

However, the redesigned Honda will have front grille entirely made of chrome with automatic HID front lights. Moreover, it will come with sportier bumpers as well as the roof-mounted rear spoiler. The 18-inch wheels will be completely restored and they will have a stylish look. As for the safety features, blind spot recognition will be added to the already existing ones.

If you want a beige interior the price is $40,655 and for the metallic black exterior, you have to add $116 to the price.


This CR-V is the fourth generation of Honda, and the next generation will be presented either at the end of 2016 or at the beginning of the next year. The 2017 Honda CR-V will probably be based on the last generation Civic. Thus 1.5-liter petrol-turbo engine may find its way to the new CR-V.

It is yet unknown whether the CR-V will have a hybrid version. It is possible, considering that Nissan’s X-Trail sells a hybrid version in Thailand. Moreover, the fuel consumption has really been a major issue for CR-V.

Like the Nissan X-Trail, the diesel-turbo CR-V can be found in Europe. However, because of the taxes in Thailand, it is possible that Honda will not produce a hybrid. So far, we can only guess.