2017 Honda Odyssey – Is hybrid a good solution?


Whether the Honda Odyssey should get a plug-in hybrid just because a redesigned Honda CR-V has one, is often a good question and the great topic for debates. Other automakers had already disregarded the option to turn minivan into a hybrid, but the Honda is still persistent to succeed in this intention.

To the Minivan buyers, the decision from Honda to introduce a new hybrid version for the Japanese market, while completely neglecting the US market, came quite as a shock. To answer the critiques the respected automaker stated that, at the moment, hybrids are not as profitable as other types of cars.

On the other hand, people from Chrysler decided to tailgate their Pacifica with a hybrid which delivers up to 80 MPGe and has an all-electric range of 30 miles.

According to the updated and more stringent EPA estimates, the state-of-the-art Odyssey offers 24 mpg whereas 22 mpg is a combined rate for the regular model.


As for the crossovers, a hybrid model exceeds petrol one in sales by 10 percent and the proof for that is the Toyota RAV4. But what about the minivans? What is important is that the rivalry such as Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica are at the same level as the Honda Odyssey and the Japanese hybrid doesn’t have significant features and upgrades comparing to the two.

However, all these models have something to brag with. For example the Sienna is the one that forces four-wheel-drive and they bet on reliability, whereas the Pacifica has a hybrid version but it is not that trustworthy, which is exactly the main characteristic of the Odyssey.

In a nutshell, the production of new generation of the Honda cars still lies in store and the buyers will have to be patient to see what will be assembled in the factory.