2017 Honda Ridgeline – The very best of midsize trucks!


Honda pitches its 2017 Ridgeline as a “truckload of ingenuity” but is that really true? After three years Japanese car maker has returned to the pickup market, and it is apparent that this model is supposed to be their “Holy Grail”. Edmunds.com said it has “class-leading ride and handling” and added that the backseat is “more accommodating of people and cargo”. But let’s try to figure out for ourselves what the 2017 Honda Ridgeline has to offer.

One of the problems with mid-size trucks was the fact that they offered only a notch better fuel economy over full-size vehicles but were far from those in terms of capabilities. Apparently, this new midsize pickup has all the advantages that the others don’t. For example, a 2015 Chevy Colorado can offer 18 mpg, same is with 2016 Toyota Tacoma 18 mpg. If you overlook the fuel consumption what is the other thing you look for in pickup truck? Its the space of course and how much you can fit in it. Well, to be honest, Ridgeline’s bed is short with only 5 feet 4 inches long, but Honda as always managed to make up its shortages in other ways.

The bed of the 2017 Ridgeline is above the wheels, and it is flat, meaning there are no wheel wells interfering with the shape of the bed. Honda added a nifty lockable trunk area which is placed beneath the bed and between the wheel wells and has 7.3 cubic feet of area. The tailgate is very functional bringing up and down movements as well as swing feature, so you don’t have to brake your back trying to lean over the tailgate to reach something.

OK, let’s take a look on one of the main purposes of the truck, and that is towing. 2017 Honda Ridgeline, if you decide to haul something with it, can tow up to 5.000 pounds depending on how it’s configured. Another cool feature of it is the back seat that will blow your mind. Many of the other pickups even those full-sized ones can’t offer the amount of space that Honda offers. It can with ease offer enough space even for a 6 foot 1 person on its back seat and do that without any compromise at all, and like most trucks, the rear bench folds up very nicely and quickly offering additional storage space.

Front seats are not that much different. They as well offer a lot of comfort, support, and just enough softness. The seating position is very tall even the Ridgeline is lower when compared to other 4WD trucks. On the entertainment side, it offers the typical upgraded Honda radio which you have probably seen in Pilot and Accord. The interface consists of a very nice touchscreen which provides very nice sound but sometimes its functionality is going to get on your nerves because it can often be uncooperative.


As far as the powertrain is concerned the 280 HP 3.5-liter V6 engine offers enough power and is very brisk at the push of a pedal. It is paired with the six-speed automatic transmission which operates more than smooth, and it offers low driving mod as an addition. The overall driveability of the truck is perfect, and it is the truly versatile vehicle which can carry its own through curves and turns with a minimum roll. If you drive it as it is meant to be through highways, country and suburban roads it will average somewhere around 21.5 MPG which is more than excellent for an AWD pickup. For what it offers we can tell you that the 2017 Honda Ridgeline is more than a good solution and as far as we are concerned one of the best options in segment!