2017 Land Rover Discovery Introduced Before Paris Auto Show

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is expected to appear at the Paris Auto Show. With the production of this model, a new so-called Discovery line of products is created, and it is separated from the Range Rover. Moreover, the brand new Discovery will be the substitute for the more conventional SUV – LR4.

The 2017 model will be a seven-seat crossover, whereas its body will be made of aluminum which dramatically reduces total car weight. Another vehicle with the same aluminum body is the Land Rover Discovery Sport, but this has two seats less than the model we are talking about.

In addition to this, on the dealership floor, one can find a more upscale and posh Range Rover lineup consisted of different versions. Some of the best and the most renown are Sport, Evoque and the full-size Range Rover with the difference in wheelbase which means that the buyers may find it with either long or standard wheelbase.

However, the Discovery Sport, powered by 2.0-liter turbocharged straight-four unit, is the only source of information’s we have so far, as the automaker is unwilling to talk about the new model. From this, we can conclude that the 2.0-liter engine could also be inserted into the 2017 Discovery. For crossover of that size and weight, 240 hp is more than enough. Anyway, it seems that this car will carry more, so far inexplicable, mass and thus the supercharged 3.0-liter V6 and turbodiesel TDV6 could be the primary choices.

Discovery Sport

Since the Discovery Sport served as an inspiration, the new Discovery resembles a lot like it, but with some distinctions. It will certainly be heavier, and the car’s front segment will be slightly snapped and tucked; something we will not see on the Sport version.

If we take a look at the recently emerged 2017 Land Rover Discovery spy shots we can notice few similarities with the first official image even the test vehicle comes with the great amount of camouflage.

This Discovery will be neater and smoother model, and we expect it to hit the market in mid-2017. More will be known right after Paris Motor Show, and hopefully, we will have additional information’s to share here.