2017 Mercedes S-Class Facelift

Source: www.motorauthority.com

Since the markets for saloon vehicles have been flooded with good brands and quality cars, our German automaker has to keep up and deflect as much competition as possible from them. We all know that the name Mercedes-Benz stands for something with quality, reliability, elegance, power but also it stands for ingenuity, progress, and innovation that are under constant attack from competition like Jaguar, BMW, and Audi. If they want to survive, they have to be brilliant all the time, and that is not a problem for them, which is once again shown by the facelifted 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. This vehicle was spotted during its final tests before its planned launch sometime near the end of this year.

Thanks to spy shots delivered through the internet we can tell you that the outside look of the new S-Class isn’t going to change much. If you inspect those and take a closer look you can see differences, some subtle changes are going to be offered around the front and rear bumper. It is evident that there is only a light camo and some adjustments to taillight design are noticeable. We expect that these are going to host LED elements from now on. More changes are going to be offered inside the cabin of this beautiful sedan that will now host larger and nicer dual screen setup without a frame. They will run the latest Mercedes Command infotainment software that will still be operated by touch controller placed on the center console. What is possible to happen is that the Mercedes will incorporate hand gestures as well, because they have already experimented with it. Apparently, they will also bring the new steering wheel design with three spoke style instead of current two spoke adding some style to it. Little is known about engine department changes, but it is widely presumed that the lineup will be carried over to the 2017 S-Class with slight tweaks that will influence fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, in a good way.

Source: www.motorauthority.com

It goes without saying that we can expect the AMG version of the new S-Class sometime around the middle of the next year. It will also see slight changes to both front and back bumpers that will have to look slightly more aggressive than the regular S-Class. Revision on headlights and taillights is also expected. Engine specification is tightly kept secret, and the only info is that the power will increase but for how much we do not know. Enough said to somebody.

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