2017 Moto X leaked photos and release date info!


The 2017 Moto X, as you know, has not yet been showcased but it somehow doesn’t come off the headlines. The only information that was known so far, besides these leaked photos, is that the fans will be able to give it a go hands on when it hits the stores sometime next year. Since this gadget has been heavily guarded secret, ever since its release date rumor surfaced, the Moto X was elusive all this time, but now thanks to GSM Arena we have leaked photos of it. Enjoy…

As we mentioned above, it is closely guarded secret, thus we do not have much exact information regarding the flagship smartphone specifications, but many sources are trying to decipher some of its features from the leaked images. As you can probably see the Moto X will host an all metal frame construction, dual-LED flash with a rear camera together with a fingerprint scanner at the front. If you remember the Moto Z series camera assembly, then you can clearly see that the Moto X will host pretty much the same one sticking out on the back cover.


One more thing that is out of the ordinary is the lack of pins that support MotoMods from the lower side, and that can be translated to only one thing, and it is that this is not a flagship phone. How come? Well, a while back Lenovo has made an official statement declaring MotoMods are to be used extensively for flagship line of smartphones, according to the GSM Arena quote. One more thing popped up during these past several months, and it was the report from Gadgets360 that stated that the Moto X is being discontinued. What is good news is that Lenovo-owned Motorola, without any hesitation, said that Moto X is “alive and well.” Rumors also suggest that the leaked 2017 Moto X photos might as well be the images of the concept for Moto Z smartphones.

What is the real truth will be known as soon as Lenovo-owned company declares the true identity of the device on leaked photos, and only then we will know if it is a concept phone or a real deal. The Moto X is supposed to be available in Silver and Gold color version, and according to rumors, Motorola will unveil 11 new MotoMods in 2017. Some of the most recent ones that were introduced are Incipio Car Dock and 3,000 mAh Mophie Battery Pack, and the older ones that are available now include Moto Insta-Share Projector, MotoMods JBL Soundboost Speaker, Moto Z Droid, Motorola Hasselblad True Zoom Camera.