2017 Nissan X-trail facelift revealed in US advertisement


The new 2017 Nissan X-Trail have appeared for the first time in the US commercial.

Nissan ‘Heisman House’ campaign hosts cars such as Titan pickup, Maxima, and Sentra (Pulsar). Moreover, the updated SUV, better known as the Nissan Rogue in the US, will also be included in the campaign.

The new, facelifted model will be slightly different than the current car. It will have more distinct ‘V’ fascia made of chrome and more rooted grille. 2017 Nissan X-Trail resembles the newly overhauled Pathfinder. Furthermore, the fog lights of the new car will be adjusted, and they will take the shape of horizontal stripes, whereas the current model has rounded units.

As the US’s TFLCar stated, these updates mentioned above will not be the only ones. The alterations are expected in the rear area of the car, i.e., the state-of-the-art Rogue will have new, more beautiful tail-lights. Also, the production of the hybrid powertrain is another possibility. However, in Japan, one may find the Hybrid version in the market.

The modern X-Trail differs a lot from his ancestor which design was too rectangular and rough. Introduced in 2014 the X-Trail is smoother, road-oriented and much easier to drive.


The European branch of the Nissan company revealed the new update for Qashqai in the month of May. This model will have advanced ProPilot driverless technology, and it will be the first car with this equipment outside the Japanese borders. It is expected to appear on the market during 2017.

The driver will be able to allow the car to drive itself on the highway or in a slow moving traffic. This will be possible with the stage one of the autonomous driving systems that ProPilot brings to the table.

In 2017, we expect to see both Qashqai and X-Trail slightly upgraded, considering that they follow the same calendar.

It is confirmed by the Nissan’s Australian arm that, for now, there are no details regarding the enhancements on the X-Trail. However, as we can see in the commercial, the updates on the car are just behind the corner. It is possible that the facelift will be done only for the US market, but not for the Australian. It remains to be seen.