2017 Peugeot 5008 SUV displayed


SUVs are becoming more popular among drivers and because of it Peugeot has decided to follow Renault and produce a seven-seat SUV from their 5008.

The company plans to show this car to the public eye at the end of September at the Paris motor show. What is interesting is that 5008 will be Peugeot’s first SUV with seven seats.


The new 5008 SUV will use modern EMP2 platform designed by the PSA Group, and it is 165mm longer than the one for the 3008 SUV and 110mm wider from the platform which is inserted in the forbear van. Moreover, second-generation Citroen C4 Picasso, 308 and 3008 SUV can also brag with this platform.

It can be said that 5008 is a mid-sized SUV, considering that it is 4.64 meters long. In comparison to other vehicles, it is similar to the imminent Skoda Kodiaq and Volkswagen Tiguan Plus. Skoda Kodiaq will also be presented at the motor show in Paris. However, in this segment, both Toyota Kluger and Mazda CX-9 are definitely larger than the Peugeot. The automaker claims that the new SUV is “the most liveable of C-segment SUVs” because of the 2.84-meter wheelbase.

They also said:”Though Peugeot maintains that the 5008 is still a people-carrier, it comes kitted out with plenty of luxuries.”

The 2017 Peugeot 5008 SUV will be similar to the 3008 since the Peugeot decided that the best solution is to stick to the almost identical design. For example, new SUV will keep rear gloss black stripe and claw LED rear lights because those are marks of the company. However, the new SUV will be larger, and it will weigh more.


The interior will also resemble the one we are getting in the 3008. The 5008 will have similarly designed dashboard. Moreover, the infotainment system will be at the cabin center. It is comprised of the 8-inch tablet sensitive to touch. Also, the design of the interior will be quite innovative, and the cabin will also be equipped with a number of high-resolution displays.

Furthermore, the seating arrangement will be to what we had in the previous generation. Second-row consists of three seats and each can be modified individually. This five-seat SUV will be extremely spacious. It will be able to carry 1,060 liters of cargo which is 135 liters more than its ancestor. This capacity is the largest in its class.

The last row of seats can be folded down to create flat surface but since they are only 11 kg you can take them out easily providing additional 53-liters of space. If you want to put long items in the car, the front seats are also adjustable and can be folded.

Euro 6.1-compliant units will be adequate for the 5008 SUV. From 1.6-litre to 2.0-litre diesel engines, producing the power from 74kW to 132kW will be available for this SUV. For petrol option, however, one may choose from a range of 96kW 1.2-litre to 118kW 1.6-litre turbocharged power plant.

Although Peugeot claims that the 5008 SUV is still designed as a people carrier, one must notice that they inserted so many luxurious options and items. Some of these features are massage function specially made for the front seats, Mirror Screen functionality which allows you to connect your phone to the infotainment system, FOCAL Premium Hi-Fi audio system and last but not least a panoramic glass roof.

Peugeot 5008 should also possess a navigation system which will come in 3D, but Aussies buyers will have to wait for that feature.

According to the French car maker, “Perhaps the most interesting feature of the 5008 is that it was designed to accommodate an electrically-assisted portable bicycle known as e-Bike eF01.” The mobile dock station is located in the trunk of the 5008, and it is used for charging the eF01 and the e-Kick, an electrically-assisted scooter.

There are a lot of safety features integrated into this car. Some of those are standard, and some are optional. AEB, Advanced Grip Control, Driver Attention Warning, Active Blind Spot Monitoring, Park Assist are just some examples, but there are many more attractive and useful features.

It is estimated that the Peugeot 2008 SUV will hit the Australian market in mid-2017, but the prices are still unknown.