2017 Shanghai Auto Show Preview


The 2017 Shanghai Auto Show is about to start and to mark its opening we have compiled a list of automakers that will come to China and list of models that they are going to present. We don’t have the names of all vehicles which you will have the chance to see in Shanghai, but we know of just which kind are they going to be. The list is, as you will probably notice full of SUVs and crossovers which are definitely taking the world over. Many entrants are here so to have easier overview we will sort manufacturers in alphabetical order.


Honda’s luxury sub-brand will present a concept vehicle of its ‘latest to be’ crossover. The only info we have on this vehicle is the sketch which was released by Japanese manufacturer some time ago.


Audi is going to present its new A3 compact sedan which was shown in New York but only for the members of the press.



The Germans will showcase their X4 crossover in the form of the concept. This car is going to be sportier, a coupe version of a renowned X3 model.


Their vehicle is surrounded by a veil of mystery. All that we know that it is a concept and that Shanghai will saw it for the first time together with the rest of the world.


Sirui concept is the name of BYD’s latest model which is the most expensive gasoline vehicle from this company priced at $24,200.


Despite crossover craze happening around the world this company is going to present Zhishang XT which is a hatchback compact sedan.


The French automaker is going to China to show off its Wild Rubis Concept which is, guess it, a crossover.


Detroit Electric

The new name in Shanghai is going to be Detroit Electric with their SP:01 electric sports car based on Lotus Elise.


The Detroit-based company is going to show multiple vehicles starting from Mondeo, Kuga, Focus ST, EcoSport, and Explorer all up to concept car that we know nothing about.


The overseas neighbor will come to Shanghai to present almost completed versions of Concept C and Concept S, both of which already debuted in China but only in Beijing. In addition, you will have a chance to see unnamed concept which was only released in the sketch form.



This Italian company with a design studio in Shanghai will introduce their one-shot supercar named Vulcano.


Latest Cherokee which will be produced by FCA and GAG group cooperation will be introduced in Shanghai. Together with this, you will be able to see new Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.


The luxury brand from Modena, Italy will present their mid-size sedan Ghibli which is aimed to compete with Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes E-Class.


Another Japanese company that will be in Shanghai is Mazda and the models they will show are Mazda 6 sedan and CX-5 crossover.



GLA Concept and a new E-Class are two vehicles which will German manufacturer bring to China.


Yokohama company is coming to Shanghai with two cars, one of them is Teana sedan while another one is a concept vehicle named Friend-Me.


Two versions of Panamera, the plug-in hybrid and a long wheelbase one, are what Porsche’s bringing to China.


The China-Israeli conglomerate is hitting the stage in Shanghai with two concepts, a wagon and a hybrid crossover installment of Qoros 3 Sedan.



Czech manufacturer which is now part of Volkswagen group comes in China with redesigned Superb and Superb Combi.


Another Japanese carmaker will be in Shanghai, and Suzuki’s ace in the sleeve is Authentics which represents a long wheelbase compact sedan.


Arguably the biggest Japanese auto company will showcase an electric sedan concept which will be developed, produced and marketed under its Chines partners Ranz brand name.


Another vehicle that we know nothing about is Volkswagen’s four-door crossover concept. The model will be design wise similar to the production version, so we are looking forward to seeing it.