2017 Toyota 4Runner – You Can Do Anything With It


The 2017 Toyota 4Runner is an SUV for everyday driving, but you are not limited only to public roads with this vehicle as you can go wherever you want. For example, you can use the 4Runner to tow a heavy load and relax in the comfortable interior that boasts space. For 2017, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) also got their hands dirty. Instead of the last year’s Trail and Trail Premium, we have the TRD Off-Road and TRD Off-Road Premium, while the TRD Pro will be included in the lineup for the off-road enthusiasts who love pushing their cars to the limit on the unpaved trails.


2017 Toyota 4Runner – What’s New?

Some of the exterior updates include only new badging and color options, while more has been done inside. First of all, all three TRD models will come with a center console that has carbon fiber patterns on it, while the TRD Off-Road will come with authentic floor mats. Secondly, the TRD Off-Road Premium and TRD Pro will have seats with the red “TRD” logo on the headrests.

Chassis and Exterior

The 4Runner is based on body-on-frame chassis featuring a 4-link rear axle and coil spring suspension. The new model can be driven as a 2WD vehicle, part-time 4WD with a 2-speed transfer case or a 4WD with a 2-speed transfer case and locking differential.

This SUV is an excellent example where style and ruggedness are blended well. All trims that are offered come with projector beam headlights and LED rear combination lamps. You can find 17-inch alloy wheels in three designs – The SR5 and SR5 Premium models come with 6-spoke and the TRD Off-Road and TRD Off-Road Premium are available with 7-spoke, while the ultimate off-road model TRD Pro features a TRD Alloy in matte black. No matter which trim you choose, the wheels are wrapped in P265/70R17 tires.

There are some small differences in the exterior when you compare 4Runner trims. For example, the differences between the TRD Off-Road and TRD Off-Road Premium include hood scoop and silver painted front and rear bumper accents. The range-topping model is called Limited, and it is the only one within the lineup that comes with a chrome-plated grille insert and exterior trim. This model has the largest 20-inch wheels and specific P245/60R20 tires.


Speaking of the engine, the 2017 Toyota 4Runner sports a 4.0-liter V6 unit that is good for 270 horses and 278 lb-ft of torque. This powerplant is paired with a 5-speed ECT-I automatic transmission with sequential shift mode, and in order to optimize torque across the engine’s operating range, Dual Independent Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) is used. The maximum towing capacity of the 4Runner is 5,000 pounds.

The 2WD SR5 offers Automatic Limited Slip Differential which means that if you get stuck in the snow or mud, you will be able to dig yourself out. The part-time 4WD comes with Active Traction Control (A-TRAC), which will help you correct the terrain irregularities because drive force is distributed to the wheel which has a contact with the ground, making the ride over obstacles easier. Torsen center differential with locking feature and a three-mode is used in full-time 4WD Limited model. The 40:60 torque split is standard while driving, but if your front wheels are slipping then the distribution is changed to 30:70, additionally if your rear wheels are not getting enough grip the torque is set to 53:47 between axles.


Features For Off-Road Driving

The 2017 Toyota 4Runner has advanced options that help the car overcome obstacles on rough roads. Some of these features are Hill-start Assist Control and Downhill Assist Control. The former helps you accelerate from a stop on an incline that is steep, by holding the vehicle stationary while you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator. The latter is used when you have to go downhill, and this system helps you maintain a low speed, and it prevents wheel lockup, allowing the driver to focus on steering. Another essential feature is Crawl Control which assists you on a rocky terrain and challenging off-road situations by controlling speed.

Toyota 4Runner Interior

Inside the Toyota 4Runner boasts a lot of space and when the second-row seats are in use 47.2 cubic feet of carrying space is available. However, you can expand this to 89.7 cubic feet when you fold the second row, which provides enough room for you to bring whatever you need on the road. The seats are comfortable and for example, the second row include armrest, and they can be individually reclined up to 16 degrees in four steps. In order to add elegance to the cabin, the Optitron instrument panel is inserted, and on a multi-information screen you can see the information for fuel economy and basically everything else.