2018 BMW X2 showed its face in concept form right on the Paris showroom


Paris shined once again and boy it did it together with our favorite European company the BMW. The Paris Motor Show had an honor of hosting an all new 2018 BMW X2 which was shown in its concept form.

The BMW’s concept reveal had one job and one job only – to prepare us and to heat up the enthusiasm about the new 2018 X2 which is about to debut in a year or so but possibly with a few details alleviated first. If you are an enthusiast, then you know that the 2018 BMW X2 has already shown its face and got caught by spy photographers, although with camo on, but photographed nevertheless. From the spy shots, you can see that the general shape of the car and its lines do not deviate much from the concept shown in Paris. In Paris, one detail has stricken us the most, and that is the reshaping of the BMW’s iconic kidney grille that now has slight bulging on its lower sides that could mean that they are taking another design approach on the future BMW range.


The 2018 X2 concept has similarities with another vehicle in BMW lineup, and that is the current X1 SUV. The resemblance is based around scalpel shaped lights that are stretching to the A-pillar and a conical roof line that has the slight sporty appearance but much less than larger X4 and X6 models. Beefy sides of the car and a pillar-mounted BMW badge, sloping rear lights placed above the very big and round exhaust tips featured under the bumper on the two corners are what makes this concept very exciting and innovative, at least design-vise.

All of this is confirmed by BMW Design boss Karim Habib who stated that “The BMW Concept X2 combines the fast-moving body language and low-slung proportions of a coupe with the robust construction of an X model”. He also added, “This is a sporty vehicle with a bold character, and it allows us to open up some fascinating new design possibilities for the BMW brand.”

Sadly there aren’t any confirmed news about the start of production yet, but some earlier reports suggest that the X2 might start sales sometime in 2017 together with closely related X1.

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