2018 BMW X2 Spied Testing


The much awaited BMW X2 that has in this past period been a subject of different rumors has been finally spotted! These latest spy photos that caught it testing, shows us that it is taking final shape much before its official debut in 2017. If you recall this year Paris auto show, then you know that everybody got to see and feel the design of the new 2018 BMW X2 that was in its concept stage back then.

As everybody has grown accustomed to these things, the design of the concept and the production vehicle differ in many aspects, and that will also be applied to the car in question. The original design from Paris is very much toned down, but the basic shape and lines are still here. For those who do not know or are not informed, the X2 is a compact SUV with coupe-like styling that is prepared for the 2018 model year. It follows a certain BMW tradition when it comes to the SUVs, where it draws its looks from the X1, just like the X4 is derived from the X3 and the X6 — the original coupe-like SUV — from the X5.


What changed and what did not?

BMW, as opposed to that tradition, decided to do something different. The biggest upgrade they offer is reflected in the design which is now more aggressive than any of the company’s existing coupe-like SUVs. The X2 will host a very short and low roofline which by default features very low windows, and with this design, it kinda resembles the Range Rover Evoque made by Land Rover. When looking from the front, we can notice that it also is similar to very low-hanging front and wider stance. The unchanged thing, as far as everybody knows, is the engine options which will probably be transferred from the BMW X1. For the US market, that means a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four that should offer between 230 and 240 hp. This should be a base version, and it will allow acceleration from 0-60 MPH in just 6 seconds and reach a top speed of 130 MPH. Diesel option will certainly come to the Europe, but our shores will most likely won’t see it.


The platform that will underpin this vehicle remained the same FWD UKL chassis that has been derived from the X1 and all the latest Minis. The decision for this platform is brought thanks to its design which is specifically developed for transverse-mounted engines and its ability to offer front or all-wheel drive configuration. The popularity the UKL platform is receiving lately means that we could very soon see up to seven BMW vehicles based on it, and some of those are thought to be the next gen 1-Series Hatchback and perhaps even a new Z2 roadster.

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