2018 is a crucial year for Prescott, Jaylon and Elliott’s contracts!


You all remember that collective bargaining agreement from 2011 that stated that players could renegotiate their rookie contract after their third NFL year? Well, it’s 2018 now, and almost all of the 2016 draft picks are now up for a new deal. Among all, for now, Elliott (First-round pick and No. 4 selection) is the only one who is relatively immune (thanks to the fifth-year option), although he has to be careful not to make any more transgressions which will lead to the team reconsidering their plans to keep him around.


With Elliott relatively safe, next one up is Dak Prescott. This guy won 22 games in two seasons, and he will definitely be renegotiating his rookie contract which was set at $720,000 mark he currently makes. Prescott far exceeded the teams wildest dreams of what he can do in just two seasons, and if they really want to cement him as their QB who is gunning to be league’s top one, they will have to make a better offer in 2018. But there is something Dak has to do as well, and it is to show that he can produce under pressure (which is his biggest problem at the moment), he will prove to be a cornerstone of the team, and he will definitely be paid like one as well.

DE Charles Tapper and TE Rico Gathers are the two guys who have reasonable chances not to get their contract extension mainly because of their injuries. Safety Kavon Frazier is in the more or less same situation, but he has just recently started to make an impression for himself beyond special teams, and that gives him the opportunity to establish himself as a player Cowboys need to reconsider. Collins again had problems, and just like before with his foot, plus he switched positions to the one-tech. The big question here is how America’s Team will approach his position in free agency and the draft this year, as well as approach David Irving’s restricted free agency status, which will make Collins think about where to go from there.


Jaylon Smith is one big mystery, and his future could go either way. Ha has two possible roles he can play – the middle linebacker position which can be his on a full-time basis. The other option is for him to become a crucial piece of defense which will benefit Cowboys but only if they rush and lock him up for a few additional years at a rate which could be far below of what he would cost after two great seasons.

Well, this is basically it for 2018, as far as Cowboys are considered. Yes, there is a lot of players that cannot hit free agency for another season or two, but there will be a lot of contracts conundrum this year to keep us all entertained for a while.