2018 Dallas Cowboys positional breakdown – Running Backs

Source: thelandryhat.com

If we take a look at Cowboys RB’s and their performance, it is very clear that they basically are the reason for the team missing out on the 2017 postseason. The thing that impacted them the most was the suspension of their first running back option Ezekiel Elliott. The fact was that the suspension for domestic violence was levied prior to the start of the regular season, but thanks to the legal conundrums the suspension hanged over the team’s head for the most of the year, bringing additional troubles.

Thanks to us and others you all know that Elliott’s legal battles, postponing ban and at the end, the harsh six-game suspension midway through the season basically destroyed the franchise’s chance to return to the playoffs. Most of you will probably say that the team had other fails during the season, but you have to be perfectly honest and objective, and at the end admit that the constant shifts and instability at the RB positions hurt them the most.


Now, below you will see the current roster at the running back, and furthermore, we will look what awaits us at the pending free agents and try and predict who might come in and guess what moves might Cowboys pull in the coming months.

Running Backs roster:

Ezekiel Elliott, RB

Rod Smith, RB

Trey Williams, RB


2018 Free Agents

Alfred Morris, RB

Keith Smith, FB (RFA)

Now for the breakdown. At the RB position the only one that is really safe and clearly the future of the franchise is Elliott. He is a keeper, and the Cowboys will make sure to guard him closely in the offseason which will be paramount for their success in the coming years. Next in line is Rod Smith who is a good young player who should be groomed right beside Elliott, but there is also an opinion that Dallas should turn to drafting a rookie runner who can fill that role as well. The fact that supports searching for a rookie RB is the New Orleans Saints’ Alvin Kamara and the Kansas City Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt (this year’s NFL rushing leader), who were both found in the third round of last year’s draft. You never know when you might strike gold where you least expect it.


At the very end, we have Keith Smith who will make his return in 2018, and we all know just how head coach Jason Garrett loves his fullbacks on the roster, plus Smith is also a key special teamer. Morris, on the other hand, is the guy who is better off moving on in 2018. He stepped up and stepped up good when Elliott needed replacement, but when you take into account players like Elliott, Rod Smith and a potential rookie or two, he simply won’t get that playing time in Dallas that he actually deserves.