2018 Ford Mustang got a new paint – Orange Fury!


Ford has finished their 2018 Mustang and as you probably know the sales are about to start this fall, but there is something new you will get and its the new paint job called Orange Fury. This color option was available for viewing at auto shows and in some low-grade spy shots, but now we have it in the direct sunlight and let me tell you it looks awesome. In the picture, courtesy of Mustang6G forum member disneyfun1, you can see two GT models – a Fastback and a Convertible.

When you see this paint job on the direct sunlight, it really changes the look and feel of the Mustang. It is a whole different story, and it’s a good thing, of course. Besides the new paint, Ford made some changes inside the car as well, but what interest the most fans of this muscle car is what lurks under the hood. Prepare to be awed! The company decided to lose the bad V6 and fit the 2018 Mustang with something that suits its pedigree better – the 2.3 L EcoBoost with a lot more torque and a beast of an engine 5.0 L Coyote V8.


To complement the improvements under the hood better, Ford also changed the transmission. Now you will have to make due with the 10R80 10-speed unit which is, at least according to Ford, “best automatic Mustang has ever offered.” But since the F-150 Raptor and Camaro ZL1 also use it Ford might be spot on with this one. For the Mustang GT, you will have something that is called active valve exhaust system which should bring a lot more aural punch to the engine. What we do know is that both units will receive power upgrade, but we still do not have official figures.

That Ford actually concerns about your safety in their vehicles is shown through some tweaks in the car’s safety department. The top safety feature in the new Mustang will be the pedestrian detection function which will also work during the night. The system is designed in a way that, if the driver does not respond to the initial warning about a possible impact, it will apply the brakes automatically. Neat thing to have especially in a car like this. Thank you Ford!