2018 Honda Accord teased with info that the reveal is set for July 14th!

Source: cnet.com

Thanks to Honda’s efforts we have a teaser image of their upcoming 2018 Accord, and with this the Japanese brand also wants everyone to set their calendars for July 14th when they will officially debut the new tenth-generation of this model. They decided to make the reveal in Detroit, and for those who can’t attend, a live stream on YouTube will be starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern time.

According to Honda, the new Accord will be the most fun car to drive out of all, and besides that, it will be the most premium and dramatically styled. Since it will base its styling on the one that the current Civic has, many have been skeptical mainly because of how the Type R looks, but thanks to the teaser concept image and some earlier spy shots we can conclude that the Accord will be a very handsome car at the very least.

Source: autoweek.com

If you didn’t catch the previous reveals from the company, then it is good to know that the smooth V6 is definitely gone and it is replaced by a pair of turbocharged four-cylinder units and the company’s next-gen hybrid system. Honda remains mute when power output is concerned but thanks to some posts and revives of the pre-production model from Japan we know that the old V6 will definitely not be missed at all. According to those reports, the boosted four-cylinder unit is capable of delivering impressive off-the-line grunt with plenty of pulling power left at highway speeds. If the horsepower is what is important to you then you will be glad to hear that it will offer more than the outgoing V6 but somewhat less than the Civic Type R, that, of course, means it is somewhere right between 278 and 306 HP.

Source: motor1.com

Transmission options will include the six-speed manual transmission which will be continued to be offered with this generation of Accord with the addition of Honda’s new 10 speed automatic, which was really good in the pre-production model. Another good news is that the company decided to offer a CVT as well.

Honda claims and reassures everyone that the tenth-gen Accord will be all-new from the ground up. Thanks to the successes that the previous generation achieved the tenth will have a lot to aim for, but according to the early reports and impressions, this one will be up to the task.