2018 Honda Civic Type R caught testing on the streets of California


The USA market was on the loss back in 2015 when Honda decided not to offer its 2015 Civic Type R there, but thankfully the tables have turned, and the 2018 Honda Civic Type R will see the lights of USA very soon. This model, though, is still only a prototype recently has been spotted prancing around streets of California very near Honda’s American headquarters wearing no camo at all and looking practically ready for production.

As it is with Honda Type R models, this one as well has the same aggressive and bold styling which can put to shame even the Ford Focus RS and make it look so much restrained in compare to it. But as it is always with these cars look will come down to subjective opinions and a simple love it or hate it decision. But knowing Japanese car maker and its Civic Type R vehicles, we believe that very small group will fit into the hate it group.

Honda has been working on something different for this one. Apparently, they have set a target goal to make the 2018 model the best handling front wheel drive vehicle on the market. Knowing them and looking at what they previously delivered that might not be too hard to achieve. Exact engine specs have not been, sadly, yet confirmed but the turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder VTEC powerplant is a sure bet, and it will, according to some guesses, offer somewhere around 340 HP. All this power is going to be available to the pavement via the six-speed manual transmission.

Honda’s main competitor in this segment, the Ford Focus RS has some time ago successfully shifted from front wheel drive to the all wheel drive configuration, and they haven’t regretted that so far. But what is strange, or not, is that the Honda is still reluctant, or even defiant to this move and remains a front wheel drive only vehicle, which has paid off so far. Will this be good for them in future remains to be seen.