2018 Jaguar XEL Spy Photos Surface!


Jaguar XEL is the main topic at Jaguar headquarters nowadays! The company will get its second long-wheelbase sedan! And that sedan is the XEL whose prototype photos surfaced recently!

It is expected that the XEL joins the XFL in Jaguar’s lineup next year. On the other hand, this vehicle will only be sold in China just like the XFL. That is a huge setback for all of us that follow the work of this company and are not from China. As we all know this is one of the fastest growing countries when it comes to the economy, and it is not a rare sight for this luxury car to be owned by wealthy people.


What we could discern from the prototype was that the rear doors of the XEL have been widened and when compared to doors of the standard XE the modification is really substantial. The XFL is 6.2 inches longer compared to the standard version, and so we expect the same case scenario with the XEL.

We also noticed some refined details about this car. An infotainment screen for folks sitting at the back is expected along with a set of foldable tables. Electric side window blinds are also in store with an entertainment package. The XEL should also feature Jaguar’s rear traffic warning system that is a huge benefit for those in the rear when opening the door. This system will make sure that you avoid any approaching traffic coming from the back.


2018 Jaguar XEL Release Date

The debut of the XEL is expected later this year at a major Chinese auto show. If that proves not to be the case, it will surely debut early next year.

Unfortunately, according to reports, it seems that the XEL is going to be the final body style for the XE model lineup. Ian Callum, Jaguar Design Director, stated that there will be no wagon version for which many believed that will be positioned just under the XF Sportbrake that was unveiled recently.