2018 Jeep Wrangler Rendering photo

While we are waiting for the new generation of Wrangler to emerge, more and more information’s is coming related to this very popular SUV. After almost a ten year run it is time to change few things and to introduce completely new generation.

We have already seen 2018 Jeep Wrangler spy photos, and it is clear that it stays close to its roots. With heavy camouflage, it is hard to see what Jeep has prepared but few rendering images have been shown, and finally, we can see few quite great improvements.

It is clear that new grille will be implemented. We could see that even with camouflage and we were sure that more interesting design would be coming here. Furthermore, the windshield will not offer such a step angle as before; this will result in better aerodynamics and improved fuel efficiency that will be noticed at higher speeds.

Camouflaged version clearly offers upgrades, but the rendering is the thing that will fill the gap and satisfy huge fan base before official introduction.

Among the improvements that are coming, we could hear reports of aluminum parts that will significantly reduce total weight. Even bigger surprise is that pickup version is being prepared and will come to the lineup.

Source: omniauto