2018 Lamborghini Aventador S Prototype gave a sneak peak at its SV details before the official debut!


This Sunday at the Lamborghini factory over in Sant’Agata Bolognese was particularly interesting. If you wonder why, well let me tell you!? Apparently, the Italian Raging Bull took a stroll around the test track just ahead of its reveal that is due today, December 19th, and during that stroll, it showed us a thing or two that we shouldn’t see.

If you followed up on what is going on in the Lambo factory, then you know that the Italian car maker is preparing something special for the supercar enthusiasts. It seems that they have teased us plenty with their latest feat, and the most recent trailer was released on Friday showing a glimpse of a new V12 beast that is due to make its official reveal today. We must remind you that the Lamborghini made a surprising move that popped up a month ago, where they have filed for a trademark for the Aventador S designation, and the badge that this vehicle will wear you can see in the image gallery.

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Italians definitely know how to bring up the anticipation to a whole different level, and they have utilized that gift by letting the Prototype roam around this weekend just before the official reveal. The spy photos come thanks to the courtesy of Magazin ProDriver CZ which provided us with the glance of the test vehicle wearing a lot of visual cues borrowed from the Aventador Superveloce, and the most conspicuous of them are the wheel design, as well as the extra air intakes sitting above the rear wheels.


Another thing that should be noticed right there, but strangely isn’t present, is the massive fixed wing of the SV. But we will have to wait until the reveal today to see what changes to the body kit lurk beneath the camo that is hiding entire front, rear end and the side of this supercar.

But let’s leave the design for now and try to anticipate, what is, as you figure, the biggest secret so far, what will make its way under the Aventador S‘ sculpted engine cover. Thanks to the Italian car maker released teaser video which talked about the next step in the history of the company’s V12 engines, the online rumor world went haywire! Everybody is trying to anticipate what will power this beast and the speculations are going anything from twin-turbo craze to hybrid assistance talks (this one is by the way fueled by the gas-electric Lamborghini Asterion concept car everybody saw back in 2014). All of this is great, but we figure it will be best to stay patient just a while longer and get delighted with official reveal when every little detail gets introduced and properly explained.

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