2018 Skoda Karoq: Is the name Yeti done for?


Skoda Karoq is set to replace the oldest model in the lineup of this carmaker, Yeti. The Yeti came out in 2009 and now, almost eight years after its launch it is going to be replaced with an all-new model. The company designed this car to become a compact crossover. They gathered ideas for this vehicle from Kodiaq (huge, seven-seater). Unfortunately, that means that this one will lose all those special, trademark details when it comes to style.

We have stumbled upon a report from Germany recently where it is stated that Skoda will most definitely use a new name for the vehicle, the old one is Yeti, and that one is done for. The new one is Karoq. One thing that was so special about this crossover was its name Yeti. A car named after the ominous bear is something that Skoda fans got used to and truly liked. We don’t know if fans will like the fact that their new beloved vehicle is maybe named after a village in Albania (Karoq). To be fair we don’t know yet whether this is true, and it is too early to speculate about this, but the name plays a significant role in these things.

However, we have heard another ‘gossip’ that even though Skoda registered the trademark Karoq last month, it doesn’t have to mean that this vehicle will bear that name. Automakers from Mlada Boleslav have two more cars (both are crossovers) planned for 2019! Therefore we think that Karoq maybe won’t replace Yeti. These two additional vehicles are speculated to have similar shapes to Kodiaq Coupe and a subcompact crossover of some kind which is a highly probable. If the company opts for saving the name Yeti that will mean that Karoq is intended for a smaller crossover. Why do we speculate this? Because we see that and according to photos there is a Model K and a New Yeti. That implies that there will be two different models!


When it comes to the actual vehicle it is most likely going to be like SEAT Ateca but from Skoda’s ‘brewery.’ The difference that could come here is increased cabin space, not only for luggage (trunk) but also for passengers. This car (Karoq / Yeti II) will most likely run on a turbocharged four-cylinder unit variation since it is an MQB based product. Some versions of the aforementioned engine are linked to an optional all-wheel drive system.

We think that this Yeti replacement will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The car will most likely be available to buy before the end of the year. There is a chance that Skoda will reveal this car two or three months earlier so we could actually be in for a surprise sooner than we thought. Until then, stay tuned for more info.