2018 Skoda Yeti caught without camo!


Just recently we could see some of the, not so good quality though, videos of the 2018 Skoda Yeti with minimal camo, but now we have some better pictures that show this vehicle in great detail. As you can see the first big thing on it is the lack of the first gen quirkiness, which is by some a good thing, and by others not as much because it lost that “thing” it had.

You must agree that the generation one wasn’t made for everybody. The designers really let their imagination run wild, and the result was well, let’s say OK for now. But since this is a VW Group vehicle you should be used to by now with the way they make their cars. Strip everything fun and futuristic, keep to the conservative design as the safe way and you will sell it.


You probably know by now but the Yeti is a combo vehicle of these three cars – Skoda Kodiaq – uses its design cues for the front, Volkswagen Tiguan – profile, and SEAT Ateca inspired rear end. The first gen shared a lot of parts with these models, and this trend will definitely continue with the vehicle coming our way, both for outside, but on the inside as well. Sadly this time the images of its interior are lacking, and it’s yet to be caught but until then let’s see what the outside deal is.

The 2018 Yeti will use the MQB underpinnings just as the Kodiaq, Tiguan and the Ateca does, and that also means a very well known pallet of engines and transmissions – TSIs and TDIs no bigger than 2.0 L and manual and a dual clutch automatic transmission. Some of the models will surely benefit from the all-wheel drive offered by a Haldex Gen 5 clutch-based system, but it will be optional, of course. According to some talks, the 2018 Skoda Yeti will be revealed sometime this summer, with some unverified rumors saying May 18th is the date when it will officially show its face. This actually might be true, and we concluded that on the fact that this prototype is nearly production ready.


There are also some rumors saying that the name Yeti might be replaced by “Karoq” but that is all yet to be confirmed by the Czech carmaker. If you think more about it, the Karoq actually does sound logical at least phonetically – starts with a K like the Kodiaq, it ends similarly to Amarok. What is even more interesting is that Skoda trademarked the Karoq moniker in Europe just recently. But to be honest this company is preparing two more crossovers that will replace the Yeti, so the Karoq name does not have to mean it will be used on this vehicle.

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