2018 to be Dwayne Johnson’s year

Source: instagram.com

Even though he started as a college football player with hope for a successful football career, Dwayne Johnson eventually managed to achieve much more than that. We doubt you forgot, but let us still remind you that last year, Johnson cleared $65 million with his projects that were quite successful at the box office, which made him the highest paid actor at that moment. What’s interesting to note is that the late film critic Roger Ebert actually saw it coming over a decade ago. Namely, here’s what Ebert said after the 2003’s The Rundown: “Whether The Rock will rival Schwarzenegger’s long run as an action hero is hard to say,” adding “but on the basis of ‘The Rundown,’ he has a good chance.”

As Vanity Fair reports, here’s what Johnson alone has to say about his consecutive successful projects, such as Jumanji, The Fate and the Furious, and Baywatch.

Source: instagram.com

“It’s hard work and gratitude. You have to be focused, and you don’t come to the table with an ego. Once you reach a level of success, it’s about never taking anything for granted and showing gratitude.” Dwayne continued by adding “I am lucky to surround myself with smart people who are willing to take risks and willing to fail with me. I don’t have all the answers, and they’ve helped me. You also have to believe in yourself. When you start doubting yourself and start being someone else, things won’t work.”

Given that there are around as many as 15 projects before him (for now), we are sure that this year will be at least as successful as the previous one for The Rock. Even though he never planned to become an actor, let alone such a great one, he used his opportunity and jumped into that world as a wrestler, he has already accomplished so much that there is no reason to doubt his future achievements, right?