2018 VW T-Roc spied with no camo on!


What is about to become a Tiguan’s baby brother has been caught on streets testing, and no less but months before its official debut. What we have here for you is basically a near-production prototype that is wearing almost no camo at all, well besides some on both headlights and taillights. If you take a closer look, you will see some on the C-pillar as well, but that is nothing in comparison to the more heavier camouflaged vehicles we deal with.

The T-Roc model we have before us, unfortunately, but also unsurprisingly, managed to misplace some of the stylish and lavish parts from the T-Roc concept we saw almost three years ago. But that is a thing that always should be expected. The long history of vehicles made just to show future development and the direction in which brand will go has proven to us that there is a slight chance that all the styling and detailing from concept will make its way on the production vehicle. This is the case here with a conservative appearance that is somehow almost typical for the VW cars, and it is probably the same thing when we take a look at the interior.

When the size is considered, we can only tell you the dimensions of the concept because we are afraid that the production vehicle may not follow those like it doesn’t follow its looks. The T-Rock concept was 164.5 inches long, 72.1 inches wide, and 59.1 inches tall, with a 102.2-inch wheelbase, which pretty much made it 12 inches shorter, 0.3 inches narrower, 5.6 inches lower, and with about 3.3-inch shorter wheelbase than its bigger brother – the five-seater Tiguan.


According to reports, the T-Roc should ride on an MQB platform which is going to allow it to fit a wide range of turbocharged three and four cylinder engines with both front wheel drive configuration (as standard) and a 4Motion AWD config for more grip and control (on higher end trims). Depending on the engine and drivetrain choice you will also be able to choose between manual or DSG transmissions as well.


The 2018 T-Rock is set to find its place below the Tiguan, and it will be built in company’s factory in Palmela, Portugal, and the production is slated to start in the second half of the year. As we managed to find out VW is planning an online reveal of the crossover in August which is coincidentally a month earlier than its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Sales are scheduled to start by the end of the year in Europe while the US region will see it offered sometime in 2019.