2019 BMW 1 Series – Is This The M140i Trim?


BMW has employed a front-wheel-drive setup for the X1 and 2 Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer models, but these are not the only vehicles to receive this kind of configuration. The second-generation 1 Series has been on sale since 2011 which means that the car you can see in the photos is the brand-new version with almost all production ready parts.

Even though it is camouflaged, the extra panels added onto the real metal and plastic are visible with black rivets, which means that the German carmaker is not willing to take off the covers just yet. Moreover, the taillights are provisional, but their shape will most likely remain the same. We can already tell that the brand-new BMW 1 Series will be more modern and fashionable than the ongoing version in spite of the camouflage.


What will also be new besides the exterior design is the size. The new model will be longer and wider, resulting in more room inside the cabin and we are not quite sure whether the car in the photos is the upper M140i trim. What makes us think this are the front blue calipers, the dual exhaust tips, a prominent roof spoiler and lowered sports suspension.

Some of the changes are visible to the naked eye, but the German automaker has prepared something else. Considering that the upcoming BMW 1 Series will sit on the UKL platform, the new smaller four-cylinder engine is going to replace the current straight-six unit, and it will be connected to an xDrive setup.


2019 BMW 1 Series Release Date

BMW still needs to test this vehicle a lot of times and that being said, the new model will not come out in the near future. There is no official announcement yet, but the 1 Series will probably be introduced in the second half of 2018. In the meantime, the ongoing BMW 1 Series will receive another facelift, but the changes will be minimal.