2019 Chevrolet Camaro finally rendered thanks to spy shots!

Source: www.camaro6.com

The sixth generation of the Camaro was introduced in 2015, as you probably know already, and finally, it’s that time when the mid-cycle refresh comes to picture. Let us tell you the refreshed Camaro will look awesome (courtesy of the render) and if all the info is to be trusted, Chevy has made its mission to dethrone the Mustang, especially the recently facelifted S550 one.

The render mentioned above is coming from the Camaro6 forum member “samurai” who is definitely one seasoned photoshopper. This guy actually took all the paparazzi spy shots of the 2019 Camaro and used every skill he had to produce what is surely the closest rendering to the real deal it will ever be.

Let’s start from the front, shall we? As you can see from the images we have here for you, the new redesigned lower grille is now a part of what seems to be a lot more sharper and sportier bumper, but the upper one is reshaped to fit the newly designed headlights. “Samurai” for some reason hasn’t done anything to the hood, maybe because he didn’t note any changes from the spy shots, or he just like it the old way, but the rear end of the 2019 Camaro is a different story. On the rear you will notice that he traced the outlines perfectly to depict a lot sportier and aggressive rear end that hosts aerodynamic diffuser, the decklid spoiler, and the taillights that perfectly round up, shall we say Camaros “angry look.”

Source: www.camaro6.com

Since this is only the render of the outside of the car, there is nothing of the interior we can show you, but don’t worry Chevy will definitely make some changes inside as well. Truth be told, no one knows for sure what the changes on the inside will bring us, but be patient as some real info is headed our way and we will gladly report to you. There is one detail that is checked out, and it says that Chevy is doing some mixing and changing when it comes to trim lines, and the reason for that is the fact that they are trying to bring the Camaro closer to the Mustang, at least when the price is considered.

Since we are on the topic of pricing, you know that the 2018 MY kicked off with a $25,905 sticker price plus $995 destination for the 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine in 1LS version. The 2018 Mustang, on the other hand, retails at $25,585 for the EcoBoost Fastback with the manual transmission. There is still a lot unknown about the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro, but even less is known about the Z/28 variant which is unfortunate because we all love our Z/28’s. Fortunately, there is a silver lining to all of this, and it comes with the fact that the 10-speed automatic transmission from the ZL1 will make its way to the lesser models, including the 6.2L LT1 V8 powered SS one, which will get a power upgrade from 455 to 470 HP.

To counter the Mustang’s introduction set for mid-2018, Chevy just might present its 2019 Camaro early on in 2018, but the production is slated for second half of the year at the Lansing plant in Michigan. Looking forward to it, like we never did before!