2019 Ford Ranger bound for America wont be like the “new one” you saw!


Thanks to the 2017 Detroit Auto Show we have news that the 2019 Ford Ranger pickup truck is coming (back again) to the US market. But since the Ranger went away only from the US market and remained almost everywhere else in the world, Ford made a significant statement which spices things up a little, and the report is saying that the American version will get its own “front styling, engines and features.”

This statement is significant because it tells us that the new truck will definitely not look like the 2016 model which is currently sold in over 100 countries around the world. Furthermore, it means that the American version will be special in some features and that the next international version of the truck will not indicate the American model’s styling, well at least not fully.


We also found some interesting and significant Tweets from Mike Levine, Ford’s former Truck Communications Chief who just recently got promoted to Product Communications Manager. In his Tweets, we can see two phrases that interest us the most. First is the “all-new” which can only mean “completely redesigned” in the auto industry. The all-new means that a vehicle will undergo a dramatic change inside and out, like the F-150, was all-new for 2015, but when it gets a small update in the form of an upgraded powertrain or a simple aesthetic front end tweak, it is called revision or in some cases redesign if the changes are slightly more notable.

Thanks to that Tweet we think that the specifications that were known for the current global market Ford Ranger, or the “T6”, probably will not translate everything its got to the US market bound 2019 Ford Ranger. Although Levine mentioned “all-new,” as we are getting from all of this, it can only mean all-new to the US market, saying it is going to change a lot before it hits the US soil. The other part stating “unique front styling, engines and features” mean that, when it comes out, the 2019 Ford Ranger will have its own look, uniqueness, and features.

In the engine department, the main thing that will set these apart will be a very small diesel option, which is there to impact the abroad’s economy specs, and because low running costs are important to customers over there. Some of the “unique features” Levine mentioned, for the US market, of course, will be driver aids like blind-spot warnings and pre-collision braking, and probably more.

2019 Ford Ranger changes probably make sense because the current T6 platform is on the market, without major changes, since 2011, and if we neglect the rather handsome facelift it received a year and a half ago, the body style it has now will be rather outdated by 2019.