2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class spied


The all familiar G-Class from the German company Mercedes is set to receive its first full redesign since the model’s first launch. But to ease the minds of the hardcore fans, we immediately need to say that its boxy shape will remain pretty much the same that has been around since 1979, with some major updates and redesign cues that are visible upon a closer look. According to the carmaker, the redesigned G-Class will only have its exterior look in common with its predecessor.


As much as we managed to see in the spy shots, the prototype of the new G-Class is a lot wider than of its predecessor and with a bigger girth as well. There are few more things that are bulkier and wider than before, and those are things like the windscreen, hood and grille. The stylish update of the G-Class is rounded with the new LED lights at both ends. As we managed to find out, the reason for the increase in stance and girth is because the new G-Class has to accommodate new suspension that aims to improve stability on and off the road while also improving interior space. What is a bit strange here is that the updated G-Class is somewhat shorter and it can be clearly seen in the shots where both the prototype and existing G-Class are together.

Next in line of the updates is the increased usage of aluminum and high-strength steel in its construction in order to make it lighter. According to some reports, the updated G-Class, thanks to this, could lose as much as 440 lbs. Mercedes is also equipping their updated G-Class with the latest gizmos from their technology department including new driver-assist features, electronic power steering, and an advanced infotainment system.

As we already mentioned the exterior will remain true to its roots, it remains rugged as always, and that is why you will not see any changes in the ride height nor the shifts in the live axle, which kept its place in the rear. What should also be expected to remain unchanged is the permanent four-wheel-drive system, reduction transfer case, and three differential locks. As far as the update impact on the engine bay is considered, we believe it will change somewhat due to stricter emissions regulations. Expect the more fuel-efficient options as well as a possible plug-in hybrid setup. It is anticipated that Mercedes’ straight 6 engines will lead the way while in the US, we should be able to continue to enjoy those nice V8’s. The AMG options will remain as well since they account for more than 50% of G-Class sales worldwide.


2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Release Date

According to some posts, we should get the new G-Class during September’s 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show with sales starting in 2018. This, of course, means that it will hit the market in 2018, as a 2019 model. At the end one more info, Mercedes is currently working on two related models – first is a G-Class-based military vehicle or the Light Armored Patrol Vehicle (LAPV), while the second one is a new compact SUV inspired by the G-Class and it should be called a GLB.