2019 Mini Electric Price, Release Date and News


The all-electric version of the Mini Hatchback was assembled in 2008, and it served to examine the market and see whether the electric vehicles could truly be popular. Over the course of six months, 20 of these were distributed to the cities around the UK where the people could lease them for £330 per month.

When that happened, we believed that we would see an all-electric Mini on sale, but almost ten years have passed since and we are still waiting. However, the Mini will soon hit the market, and it is estimated to arrive in 2019, but before we see one on the roads, the Mini Electric Concept is presented.



The Mini Electric will officially debut at the next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and it will be based on the three-door Mini hatchback. We believe that the all-electric version will appeal to the majority because it is one of the best small cars on the market, with minimal running costs.

Of course, the futuristic look of the concept will be changed on the production model. Right now, the vehicle comes with an aggressive front and rear bumper, side skirts and LED lights and a closed-off front grille. The lights at the rear remind us of the UK flag which emphasizes its origin country. The new Mini looks sporty and agile, but these exterior features also improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. What is interesting about this concept is that its design might be used for the other models in the lineup, which will arrive at the beginning of the new decade.

Mini Electric Motor

The concept’s driving range remains a mystery, but we guess that it will be around 180 miles per charge since its biggest rivals are the Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf. The electric motor Mini will use is going to be the same as the one that powers the updated BMW i3, with the total output being 168 bhp. Also, Mini could use a small petrol motor to recharge the car battery during the ride, and that would increase the range.

Mini Electric 2019 Interior

The interior looks remain unknown, but since the Mini Electric is based on the three-door hatch, seating for five, the latest infotainment system tech and a reasonable space in the trunk are expected. Also, it is likely to feature are innovations from the newer BMW models such as the fully digital and customizable instrument display.


2019 Mini Electric Pricing and Release Date

The 2019 Mini Electric will be at the top of the range so it will not be as affordable as some people may believe. The Mini Countryman plug-in hybrid costs £31,575, which is £8,000 more expensive than the regular model. Having said that the new Mini Electric should cost about £23,000. Just for comparison, the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe prices are £21,680 and £19,845 respectively. The 2019 Mini Electric should come sometime in 2019, but the exact release date is unknown at this point.