2019 Tesla Roadster: from 0 to 60 in 2 Seconds?!

Even though Tesla is well known for their mainstream electric vehicles like the Model S, Model Y and Model 3 the company is working on a second generation Tesla Roadster. This car is Tesla’s electric sports car, and the company CEO Elon Musk shared some thoughts of it on Twitter recently.

We caught one of Elon’s latest tweets where he mentioned some performance stats for this model which is expected to hit the road in 2019.

When asked if the upcoming Roadster will be able to go from 0 to 62 mph in 2 or less than 2 seconds Elon simply replied saying that it will be an ‘interesting target’ that his engineering team will have to work on. However, he mentioned that they would only consider it a success if the car would be capable of returning that kind of performances while having a street legal set of tires.

The company’s main focus is now directed towards the release of the new Model 3 and this year has already been a busy one for them. The Model 3 is the company’s first small saloon car, and many dubbed it to be ‘the affordable option’ considering its price. Already Tesla has taken 400,000 pre-orders, and they will make first deliveries by the end of the year.

We have gotten used to Tesla being secretive about their product roadmap. Musk is known to share some info every now and then via social media, but when compared to other companies, it just isn’t as significant although it creates a lot more hype. To be honest, we always get a good picture of what is in store for us thanks to Elon Musk.

Source: roadandtrack.com

Thanks to info-sharing we also know that the Model Y crossover, a smaller SUV, will arrive in ‘a few years.’ On top of that, the company also has plans for the introduction of commercial vehicles like an electric pick-up truck projected to arrive in 2019 and a large semi-truck that we expect this September, at least its unveiling.

However, Tesla is bound to go back to its roots with an electric, two-seater convertible sports car. When it comes to this field, the company introduced the first car of this kind in 2006, and it was the Roadster. Now they plan to add a similar model to their lineup by the end of the decade.

Elon Musk revealed that the next-gen Roadster is four years away in 2015 which means that if the CEO was to keep his promise that car would arrive in 2019.

Since the launch of the original Roadster, the company has produced tons of vehicles, and it is expected for the upcoming Roadster to be quite different from it predecessor.

The original Roadster had the same chassis like the Lotus Elise, and the vehicle was produced in limited numbers, less than 2,500 to be exact. The 2019 Tesla Roadster is set to have a completely new design, and we believe that it will be gorgeous since the company now has a lot more experience in manufacturing. A folding roof will be a feature offered instead of a removable targa top that was featured on the first Roadster.

Source: autoexpress.com

It is reasonable to think that the upcoming vehicle will be a beast when it comes to speed. Elon teased the Roadster almost two years ago, and he mentioned that the company plans to up the ante on the ‘Ludicrous mode’ of the Model S. That roughly means that the company could as well be targeting a 2-second 0-62 mph time. Figures like that would only confirm Tesla’s ambitions and Musk’s tweets.

There have also been some promises when it comes to range improvement. Hence we might see the upcoming car surpassing the claimed 340-mile range of cars that feature the ‘Roadster 3.0’ battery pack.

What do you guys think about this Roadster? Do you expect Musk to keep his promises or is it too much to ask for something like that to be offered? Let us know in the comments section below!