2019 Toyota Avalon is back under full camo and it seems it is running more tests!


You probably already saw the Toyota Avalon testing on public roads and this, if I recall correctly, happened sometime in June this year, but what is even more interesting is that there is another testing mule that appeared near Ann Arbor in Michigan and it is all covered up in camo again. This could mean only one thing, the company probably decided to make some last-minute design changes.

What is actually sad here is that this time it is covered up pretty good and we can barely make out any changes that are prepared for it. One thing is for sure though, it is too late for the company to make big changes so be confident that its basic shape will remain the same plus it will still have those sharper lines and sleeker new LED headlights, which will definitely make its front end look much more modern. For a bit aggressiveness, this family sedan will host a wider and lot lower radiator grille.


The new prototype (or whatever you want to call it now) has the same quad exhaust tips like the one before it, which is awesome looking, but we somehow can’t shake the feeling that two of those four exhaust tips are fake (just for show). There is still the same small trunk lid spoiler, but sadly the thick amount of camo is hiding what are surely heavily reshaped taillights. As it was previously reported the next-gen Avalon will share its platform with the Camry, but that is not all, those same underpinnings will also be used as a basis for the next-gen Corolla. Why? Well, there is a simple fact that the flexible modular TNGA allows more room thanks to better packaging, and that will surely reflect the available amount of interior space.


The engine lineup will be same-old, same-old with the very familiar 3.5 L V6 petrol unit working on the Atkinson cycle, plus there is also a possibility of a four-cylinder hybrid version, but that is still in the works. A big surprise is the notion that a small-displacement turbocharged option is currently highly unlikely, but we are hoping that will change in the near future. Those of you who do not know, the Toyota Avalon started production in 2012, and its first facelift came out three years later.


2019 Toyota Avalon Release Date

This new gen is coming in the right time, and it will be ready to debut on a major U.S. auto show in 2018. Sales should start before the 2018 ends, and it will be offered as a 2019 MY.