2019 Toyota Corolla first spy shots


If you recall, the ongoing Corolla was launched in 2012 back home in Japan, and a year later, it came to the global market. What is even more important is that it has just received a mild update last year and that should keep it neat and fresh until the next-gen arrives. But it seems that the future model is deep in the preparation stages because we spotted one wearing layers and layers of camo while testing on a snowy test track.

When you take a look at its exterior, digging beneath the hefty amount of camo, the first thing you see are the round headlights that are there just temporary to allow production-ready clusters to be finished. The taillights, which might appear to be familiar, have also been borrowed and from no one else than the current U.S. spec Corolla. After this, the sides of the car are what draws your look closer, and to be more specific its the side mirrors that appear to be moved further from the A-pillars and are now, sort of, sticking out.


2019 Toyota Corolla Release Date

As it seems so far, this is most likely a test mule rather than a more evolved prototype, and we conclude that due to the number of provisional components used for the testing phase as well as bits and pieces taken from the ongoing Corolla. This, on the other hand, can only mean one thing; it is still too early to be released. The next gen Toyota Corolla might not come until late 2018, and that is in its homeland Japan, while other markets might get to enjoy it sometime in 2019.

When it actually arrives, though, it will be entirely different when its hardware is considered. That is mostly because it will transition to the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) which already is carrying some of the familiar names like the latest Prius and the funky C-HR crossover. One more thing is important to emphasize, and that is the fact that it will have a lot of in common with the Prius which leads us to assume that the next generation of Corolla might sport a hybrid powertrain.

There are also some speculations online which tend to lean toward the opinion that the new 2019 Toyota Corolla might install a BMW engine underneath its hood as a part of linkage between these two which occurred some years ago. If this actually pans out the new vehicle might roll the same path as the BMW-powered Verso MPV and the Avensis midsize sedan and wagon.


As a fun fact, probably known by many of you, in the end, we will say that the Corolla (the world’s most popular car) celebrated its 50th anniversary just last year. Since their start (1966) until now more than 44 million vehicles have been sold throughout all 11 generations, so there is a lot of riding on this 12th gen as well.

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