2019 Toyota Supra Has Yet to be Confirmed


Everybody loves Toyota Supra. Well, we might be overreacting a little bit, but even if you don’t love it, you got to admit that the Supra is an attractive car. It was first produced to compete against Datsun Z cars. However, it turned out that the Japanese vehicle quickly became popular and reached iconic level. Toyota presented the FT-1 Concept back in 2014, and after that, various prototypes have been seen on the streets, so it looks like that the 2019 Toyota Supra is on our doorstep.

The speculations circulated over the Internet, and the test vehicle has been spotted in September. Let’s see what to expect from the new Supra.


Considering that Toyota hasn’t yet confirmed the car we can only rely on the spy photos and the Concept vehicle. The FT-1 concept features an aggressive front end which resembles Formula 1 cars and we think that it will probably reach production line. Expect thinner headlights, but besides that we cannot tell you much.


The same situation is with the rear end, and we can only say which parts will not be transferred from the concept to the production 2019 Toyota Supra. The smaller spoiler will replace the one from the concept car, whereas the larger wing could also be an option. However, until the vehicle moves into the development stage, we can only speculate. What we are sure is that rear lights will be more slander, whereas the exhaust tips will not be integrated into the bumper.

Don’t expect that the new Supra will borrow too many details from the concept. No matter what the final version brings, the production car will definitely be sporty and aggressive enough.

2019 Toyota Supra Interior

Just like the exterior, the interior has also been heavily camouflaged, preventing us from seeing the most important parts and features. For sure, Japanese carmaker will certainly put cutting-edge technology bits and pieces inside the cabin, but we will have to wait and see. In addition, 2019 Toyota Supra’s cabin will be authentic, and some of the parts from other vehicles from the lineup will find the way to the new car. Even the steering wheel, which is visible in the spy photos, is probably not finalized.


The focus of the company will be on creating a luxurious interior, which means that most of the Concept parts will not reach production line. Don’t be disappointed, because Toyota will definitely keep sporty cabin and parts like sports seats and pedals are a must. Among other features, leather upholstery and aluminum trim is expected for the upscale look.

Under the Hood

Toyota really wanted engine department to be covered with the veil of mystery. However, there have been many rumors about the unit which will be under the hood of 2019 Toyota Supra. The range goes from turbocharged I4 to V10 engines. Considering the ongoing trend, it is possible that a hybrid version will be offered across the range.

A V6 hybrid drivetrain is a potential option. When the prototype was spotted, the sound of the unit indicated that this was the weapon of choice under the hood. Moreover, when the driver pressed the accelerator pedal, the electric motor hiss was heard. However, it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but if this setup reaches production, it could deliver more than 400 hp.

Price and Release Date of 2019 Toyota Supra

Unfortunately, it is too early to tell the price of the 2019 Toyota Supra. The same goes for the release date, but once the company announces something we will immediately let you know, so stay tuned. What we are sure about is that once the Supra is out, it will have a hard time competing against 2016 Acura NSX, but it is quite possible that these two will be separated by the decent difference in the price. It will definitely be interesting to see how many parts from the FT-1 Concept will be used on a production vehicle. To be honest, we cannot wait for the 2019 Toyota Supra to be confirmed and to hit the market.

Are you pumped up about the 2019 Toyota Supra?