2020 Ford Bronco with a turbocharged V6 and a 325 HP!


All of you that are closely watching the development of the 2024 Bronco situation know by now that we had a surge of info from Ford that came sometime around the beginning of the year. After that total radio silence. But we wouldn’t be what we are if we didn’t manage to dig up something more for you.

Apparently, the new 2024 Ford Bronco will be, at least in size, somewhere between the O.G. Bronco and the Bronco II and it will be built upon a Ranger platform. It is expected that the Ford will try to make it more competitive especially against the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, so everyone is expecting this model to receive a special off-road variant with the Jeep-like removable roof. So far, that was it, especially when the engine and power are considered, well, until now that is. We managed to find more info that says that one of the Ford engineers allegedly blabbed this information to Gear Patrol.


According to what that engineer said, Ford is becoming very anxious, and they have commissioned a new design study because they are concerned that the first two designs resemble a lot Wrangler and Brazil’s Ford Troller (both of which are sort of lookalikes of the Honda Element and Jeep Compass). Thanks to that we found out that in this new design study two door variant is out of the question, only four door one is going to come.

According to the rest of the talk that came from the engineer, everything that Ford is currently doing is being done in order to beat the Wrangler Unlimited in every aspect possible – from rock crawling to using it as a daily driver. Thanks to that he confirmed that the alleged half-meter (20-inch) wading depth is actually happening, but the high spec variant that could parry the Raptor is currently at a halt because of difficulty the automaker is having in the finalization process for the base Bronco.


The engine that will be used will follow the trend set by the rest of Ford’s lineup (except the Mustang of course), and it will be the Ecoboost V6 instead of a naturally-aspirated V8. To be more precise it will be the 2.7 L Ecoboost V6 capable of delivering 325 horsepower (currently used in the Fusion and F-150) with Hybrid power possibility which is apparently being discussed as well.


The Blue Oval is making a lot of “last minute” changes here and we all ask ourselves will this be that iconic Bronco everyone remembers, and will anyone actually buy it. According to the research, Ford made the market says yes, we shall have to wait and see if they are right. The very comprehensive and great advertising campaign by Ford sure is bearing fruit, for now.

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