2020 Mercedes-AMG GT 4 Spy Photos Surface!

Source: motorauthority.com

We had the chance to see its preview concept in March but now this beauty came out and we spotted it on the road.

Of course, we are talking about the AMG GT production model sedan. It was unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show and looking at the photos above we can see that the production version will look like the previously seen concept. Hot as hell if you ask us.

Taking into consideration that this car is supposed to be called a GT 4 which will go on sale in 2019 that probably means that it will come to us as a 2024 model. If that becomes a reality, it will be AMG’s third model following the GT sports car and Project One hypercar. The latter two will hit the road by the time of its launch.


Fantastic looking curves is what we would use to perfectly describe the style of this car. It has proper sporty lines needed for every GT model from the lineup, however, the headlights have a more circular shape and the size of the bonnet has been reduced. Last but not least, the wheelbase will also be longer because of an extra pair of doors which have been introduced.

When it comes to back it will feature a huge rear spoiler which is kind of hiding the shape of the fastback that really characterizes this vehicle. One look at the concept will give you an insight into the designer’s plans.

This sedan is probably going to ride on the MRA rear-wheel-drive platform instead of using a stretched version of the GT sports car’s aluminum spaceframe architecture. The MRA rear-wheel-drive is common for regular Mercedes-Benz models like E- and C-Class. However, there is a possibility of AMG modifying the underpinnings so as to cut the weight of the vehicle.


When it comes to power, under the hood, we should see the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 which produces at least 500 hp. The hybrid system is not expected to be available at launch, but later on, the system which connects the V8 to an electric motor in the back will be added, and it is rumored for this one to produce 805 hp. That being said it will probably be reserved for a range-leading version.


Mercedes will also launch a new generation of its CLS at the time of the AMG’s GT 4 arrival. Is there a rivalry going on inside the company? We’ll have to wait and find out for ourselves.