For 28 Years This Woman Pretended To Be Blind But Her Family Was In Shock When They Found The Truth

Carmen Jimenez is a 57-year-old woman from Madrid who suffered a serious eye injury which caused her to lose her vision. At least that was the story she told everyone in her surroundings, including her own family and this was all because she didn’t want to greet people she would meet on the street.

She has recently told the world that her eyesight was always perfect, which left her family speechless although they have always doubted her story because he would act strangely from time to time. Her husband told the reporters that she would always apply her makeup without any mistakes and he even saw her trying to catch a glimpse of the TV from time to time.

She has been quiet about her condition up until recently. Nobody really understood what has been going on and what was the reason for this kind of lie, but it appears that she used this as a tactic to avoid talking to people she didn’t like.

I couldn’t meet people on the street and stop to say ‘Hello’ to them. I was never an outgoing person and pretending to be blind helped me avoid social obligations,” Carmen Jimenez told Sky News.

Opting for this move is going to bring Carmen a plethora of problems. First of all, she will have a hard time explaining to her family why she had lied them for years. Secondly, she will undergo some legal consequences because she was a blind person in the eyes of the state which provided special financial aid.

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