3 Biggest Rivals Of John Cena


John Cena has been at the top of the food chain of WWE for over a decade now. He has been their biggest babyface and their main box office attraction over the years and has been given a lot of feuds. Cena has had a lot of rivals over the years, but these are his biggest and the most notable ones.

3) JBL – When Cena was starting his rise to the top of the WWE, JBL was the one that he was feuding with early on, and he is the one that put him over. Matches and programming with him did a lot of good for John Cena and JBL was just a perfect man for this guy to feud with. It was a good rivalry and JBL did his job pretty well.


2) Randy Orton – We could have picked either Orton or Edge here, but we went with the Apex Predator. He had a lot of duels with John Cena and they were in programming together on several different occasions. WWE maybe overdid this feud, and we have maybe seen a bit too much of Orton vs. Cena, but there have been some amazing moments as Orton was a perfect heel and Cena was a great babyface.


1) Edge – Rated-R Superstar was the biggest rival that John Cena ever had. They had some of the most amazing confrontations of the past decade. Both of them highly impacted the other one’s success as they played beautifully for each other. Edge has been a great cowardly heel that has made a lot of smart moves when he was facing John Cena. They brought the best in each other and entertained fans in a fantastic manner.